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I found insects, which are very unique and interesting.

This insect, if I categorize it, is the same as a millipede, but it's just that the celestial body has a hard shell and is very flexible and very fast in terms of rolling its body like a ball.

now we rarely find this type of insect because their habitat is increasingly disturbed by humans.

another thing is like a butterfly that has a body posture like grasshopper. at first I thought this was grasshopper apparently not. these insects only come out at night and really like the light bias bias.

if friends want to find this type of butterfly like grasshopper it's easy. come out at night around midnight around the electric lights that are a little dim. that's where you can find grasshopper-shaped insects.

Of the two animals I think nowadays we rarely find it because now we have used LED lights so that the light that is displayed is brighter and brighter the eyes of insects, therefore beautiful night insect insects are no longer present in the light.



Different and unique things and attracting our attention to insects are seldom found in reality unless they are just coincidences. like what I got tonight.


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strange why can it be round like a ball