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Cempokak is a type of fruit plant that has seeds and is almost like chili seeds. But, it has a tree and high durability to grow in all types of weather.

Basically. keywords found in the forest or in other words. are lying plants that grow in the forest. After passing a conference by people. At present we have found many plants in gardens, yards and even plantations that have extraordinary turnover.


Bit bitter is famous for him, but the taste of vegetable fat appears on the tip. after we chewed it in the mouth. Cempokak in the Aceh area can be interpreted as a food or vegetable menu. The Acehnese make

vegetables from clam with a variety of sophisticated flavor categories.

We have found many ready-to-eat vegetables in Aceh with various flavors. The most unique topical vegetables can really cure eye diseases. like farsightedness and night blindness. Of course, these vegetables are encouraged by fans of choosing vegetables. what's more for those with cataracts.


at first glance we see. ranging from trees and flowers to this fruit, unique. but be careful when harvesting fruit because the tree is thorny around the tree and the branches where the fruit is located.


Ihope you enjoy it enthusiastically and become a special feature for the lovers of the fruit.




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