Make it rain STEEM!

21 days ago

I'm working on a steem dashboard similar to but got a bit side-tracked... So I present to you: STEEM RAIN!

The balls you see falling is the actual live operations (votes, comments, transfers, etc.) as they happen on the blockchain and the color represents the type of operation.


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This is how it will look next year ✌️



:) !

Hint: watch till the end!


yes, and don't blink. :)

Cool, great work... I wonder if you can do mesh style, like connected transaction type or


Thanks! What am I looking at there?


I am not 100% certain but it is connection of peers. Maybe in case of Steem, can do each mesh point as root post and comments as branches, but then not all posts are connected...hmmm

That's cool, really neat idea to make the balls roll down the Steem logo.

I was actually thinking about doing something like this a couple of days ago, but in isometric pixel graphics of a street where pedestrians walk on the sidewalk (comments) and vehicles drive around on the street (posts, the longer the post the bigger the vehicle, from bicycle through motorbike, cars, minivans, trucks, etc). Maybe even pedestrians boarding a bus to show votes or something else.

But doing the graphics is such a massive task that I'll probably never get around to do it and it just stays as an idea in my head, so it's great that someone else has already implemented a similar idea :)

Looking at raw data can be boring but using this you can really show people how much activity there is on Steem, despite it's "small" size relative to something like Twitter, Reddit or Facebook. It's a nice thing to tweet out when talking about Steem somewhere else, to show the community is really active, so I'll definitely bookmark your site for sharing :)


You should totally do it! :) Would be a mazing even if just with stickfigures


I probably will at least try, we'll see where it goes. Might even get some other people from the Steem community to chip in some graphics once I've got a basic version working. The community on Steem is really great, so I'm sure I'd be pleasantly surprised by people willing to help once there is a decent looking base to start from.

People could just contribute a single isometric pixel car or pedestrian or a house for the background which would then be included in the project, basically crowdsourcing some of the work to make it a feasible project.

Some of the buildings in the background could even represent popular Steem based projects that you can click. So for example a chainBB building which links to the chainBB website when you click on it, a DTube building and so on. And the cars representing Steem posts are then driving through this city of Steem projects :)

Very cool visual Steem project, nice colour (codes) love it.

if i could make suggestions to it, it maybe needs a legenda and a link to your profile on, would also be cool if the user could click or drag the logo for some interaction (?). i really like projects that make a visual presentation of the Steem network interactions such as your project, and "Steemit pond" , "Whale sonar" and bitcoin related,

The above projects are available in SteemPi and i would like to ask if its ok to add Steem Rain to the SteemPi interface ? , i just tested it and it works well on it, also tested that also preforms nice on the single board computer. would be nice to have Steem Rain in SteemPi as well.

(The identification colours you use in Steem Rain are identical to the LED light notifications of SteemPi.)

Upvoted and thanks for making this cool project!


Thanks! Yeah, this was just a sidetrack from a bigger project, follow me to get notified when I release that :)

But feel free to add this to SteemPi in the meantime if you want


Awesome thanks!, and following you for updates on the main project, can you release some information about it ?

is it a visual representation of Steem interactions as well :) ?


LEDs Rain ?

Is the Steem Rain project open source?, If the Steem Rain project is open source and integrated into SteemPi (instead of a external website in a frame), it would probably not be to difficult to connect Steem Rain with the (SteemPi notification) leds :)
Would be very cool if Steem Rain also controls the Led lights and can make the blue, green, and purple LEDs Rain with the same patterns :)

nice post

Brilliant! Up vote :) Job well done. - @splendorhub

that nice

I must say this is exceptional of all projects I've bumped into. I can't wait to see the output.



Is it real time? because sometimes it seems like it lags because of my pc of my pc or something and then it starts rushing at warp speed. Nevertheless love the idea and execution. Simple and effective design and it looks pleasing as well. Great work! 👌


Thanks :) Yeah realtime (or ~3 sec behind realtime to be precise) , it buffers operations if you tab away so you'll get a heavy rain when going back hehe... The physics engine is capped at 1/60 so shouldn't be able to run faster but it somehow does ¯_(ツ)_/¯

very nice sir

Very very cool, awesome! 😎