Happy Spring wow 3000+ followers thank you.

in steem •  8 months ago

Hey guys hope you are all doing well on this spring day!
I am very busy cleaning up the yard and getting the house ready for having some friends over and creating more art. I am still dealing with storage issues on my iphone so I have not been able to upload the Vlog's I did. I think I may have to just switch to using my DSLR and upgrading the mic on it.

I hit 3,000 followers this past week and this just blows me away that so many people are following what I do. This is exciting me to do more to share here on STEEM. I do need to put more effort in to my blog here. Thank you for watching me grow over this past 7 months. Wow how life changes after you get on STEEM. I have many ideas of how to make use of the steem blockchain and add value to it... thought work continues on STEEM Hash Lotto with @rkz we have much to learn to put this idea together. I hope to share more with you on this front very soon. Thank you again for following me and my journey here on steem. Looking forward to the communities/groups function so I can find you guys again and keep up with the most interesting people.

Well that is all for now. I have a ton of work still to do on the yard it is coming along nicely. I will test out making a video today with my other camera and see if I can upload a new Vlog.

Chow for now
Allowistic Artist
Vincent Strader

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WOW incredible LOL


yeah right so crazy we get so many followers and the core of the people we talk to is still a small group.

Congrats! You truly deserve it. You are not only an amazing artist, but you do so much to make this platform great. I love seeing your work.
You really helped me get comfortable testing the waters here and I'm forever thankful for that!


Thanks so much I am glad to hear you are doing well on this platform. I need to share more. I get so busy I forget to share all that I am creating. I will try to put up more of my art and other creations. thanks for the support.

👋 hey Hi Vincent 👋
That’s great ~ Same here in Japan about
Nice Spring cleaning weather finally arrived.
I got my s
iPhone storage problemSolved by getting an iPad.

Thanks for your help man. Glad I finally got here.

eLi ✌️


Hi eLi good to see you here on STEEM I am still dealing with storage issues on my iphone 6+ 128GB full of photos and videos I can not even record any new videos right now until I buy more storage on the apple cloud doh.... I am looking forward to having my own local cloud storage so I can stop paying centralized companies for something that should be able to done on my local machine.

Well enough about that. have fun looking around and check out the #introduceyourself as one to put a post up with one of your youtube videos and a link to some of your music. That is where a lot of people look to find new people just joining. also check out the tag #openmic i am not sure if it is just that or is the full name with contest but I am sure you will find it.

Hear you over on Vaudle

Congratulations @allowisticartist...I am also among the 3000 followers. In this I'm lucky to be lucky


Well now you are 1 follower closer. Thanks for stopping by and Luck is Laboring under correct knowledge.... that is the way I heard it put one time and I am more full of Luck now as well :) have a nice day hope to cross paths again in the stream of STEEM...