Reason #48: Why Steem is the Best!

in steem •  4 months ago

Everyday, every single one, not letting one slip past without, I bring a bit of positivity to the blockchain with a reason why I am happy to be on the steem blockchain and holding some steem. Today is another day... so... let's get into it!

Reason # 48:


Blockchain is forever

Have you ever stumbled onto a really cutting edge article and shared it with your friends only to have them tell you, "that link you sent me didn't work, the page doesn't even exist." It happens all the time. Usually the more cutting edge and truthful, the more likely it will just disappear. Is it 2018 or 1984? Maybe both huh!?

Well, the blockchain is forever. When you post something on steem, post wisely. It will be there and there will alwya s be evidence of it being there. The powers that be have silenced a lot of things in the past few years. They will certainly try to silence more things... but you cannot silence a steemian. Once it is on the blockchain, it is on the blockchain. That is a good thing (unless you are THAT guy, who has a few drinks... one thing leads to another... don't be THAT guy.)

We are un-silence-able, un-censor-able. We are on steem!

There you have it, another reason why Steem is the BEST!

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Hello guy,

Your post is very positive and I identified myself with it strongly ...
Steemit is indeed disruptive and totally decentralized.
Long live the Stech Blockchain !!!

Blockchain change everything online
I think are the future for every thing that exist inside the internet.