Reason # 46: Why Steem is the best.

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Ok. I think you know the drill. I also only think that 1 person reads these. If you read my work, please comment and let me know that you exist, human contact is good. So, Let's get into it!

Reason # 46


The future wallet already exists.

Ok, picture this... Everyone has a steem account, and steem has value, likely more by many degrees. Is there any quicker and easier way to pay someone than with steem? No. You likely can't even reach into your wallet and pull out cash as quick as you can type @allcapsonezero 15,000 steem. Try it ;)

Steem is getting very close to smart phone solid and soon enough everyone can pay for things with the click of a button, no central authority required... 3 seconds and you know you have been paid. It is way quicker and way easier than sending an e-transfer. It is a beautiful concept and it is already built. It is ready to go. The list of places that accept steem is small right now, but is certainly growing.

In a few years, paying for everything with steem could be a reality. The transactions are fast and free (your bank can't say that). If everyone had a steem account, transacting would be a very easy thing. So, if you need a deck built, send me some steem and I will be right over to build your dream deck.

There you have it! Another reason why steem is the best!

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And there are already shops that accept steem.
It's much better than paying with bitcoin and I hope more people will see this.


that is my thought too. It could be like paying cash.


Thanks for the vote bonus.

Yes its true and its best part is that it transfer in one second & there is no transection fee

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Yup, I can easily see it becoming the 'underground' currency. Sort of like USD in all sorts of countries south of the USA.


Yes this makes steem very functional for payments etc. You just keep finding more positives :)


they're everywhere!