Reason # 43: Why Steem is the Best!

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Everyday, I try to bring a little bit of positivity to the blockchain and bring some confidence to you that Steem is a good place to be. I look at my rewards over the last year, and they may be seen as modest, but they are also pretty terrific. I have made over 500 Steem in rewards for hanging out here, writing, commenting and learning a whole bunch. I think that is fantastic. That is not my reason why steem is the best however, it is just an added bonus to get you enticed. So, let's get into it!

Reason # 43:


We are just scratching the surface

Steem can do a whole lot. It really is incredible. Right now, we can write, make videos, post music, play games, have contests, discussions, debates... the list goes on, and have rewards distributed for our interactions. I read today about an app that is available on both android and ios devices that rewards you for being fit.

The app is called actifit and when you do your workout, you let t he app know and your workout gets recorded on the blockchain. You receive upvotes from the @actifit account and will receive the actifit SMT when they are released in 2019.

The coolest thing about all of this is that nothing is devalued in the process. You exercise, you get rewarded for the exercise, plus you get rewarded from the blockchain. Steem is designed in such a way that new coins are minted each day and distributed to the people who got upvotes. I lose nothing by you working out and getting rewarded. I can gain by deciding to work out. (In more ways than 1).

Seeing this mobile phone app, linked to the steem blockchain, that rewards you for working out is an incredible leap for the blockchain and it really shows me what is possible. Anything!!! It also shows me that we are just scratching the surface. I see great things for steem in the coming days.

There you have it!!! Another reason why steem is the best!

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Yes indeed so many things to come on the steem blockchain.