My Business Idea: SteemTunes

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@aggroed has come up with an awesome contest to get the ball rolling on making this blockchain even better, again... (thanks for steemmonsters).

My business is a simple idea, yet very complicated to implement, but I can see it working, and, would be willing to put in the work to make it work too!

  1. The Problem:

Listening to the radio is simple. It is a great way to passively listen to music and sometimes discover new music. THE PROBLEM is commercials, repetitive songs and monopolized markets where we are spoon fed the same crap all day. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of awesome musicians working hard to get listened to, who make great music and don't get heard. The problem with streaming playlists on youtube is the same... commercials, sometimes mid-song. Spotify is a bit better, but you end up seeing the major labels still getting a lot more play. We need an alternative.

  1. The Vision:

The way I see it, SteemTunes could be a free music-streaming service. Spotify or galaxy, but decentralized. No commercials, no repetitive songs, way more variety, blockchain famous as opposed to corporate famous. It gets better though... It is also itunes, cdbaby and (what's a good record label these days?)

  1. The Mission:

In order to secure "the rights" to songs, you need major start-up capital in the old paradigm. This radio-station will be the new paradigm but with the same formula.

The radio formula is this: Get listeners by playing good music, sell music and advertisements... get paid.

The new paradigm is decentralized. The music IS the advertisement. If you like the song, pay 1 SBD or whatever is deemed to be fair, and you can download a copy. The radio station will also be a music store / record label... and 10% of sales (or something like that) will fund the business. We don't need the "rights" because the musician willingly allows us to play their music (and sell it) because they will benefit directly from this relationship.

Now we have a blockchain keeping track of sales and downloads. We have weekly charts, we have musicians getting "blockchain famous." We also open up the possibility of having people with their ear to the ground hosting shows etc.

There is already a huge music community here... but we can take that to the next level... especially with the growth that I expect to see on this blockchain in the coming year. If we implement the infrastructure, this can be the decentralized alternative to itunes.

Who doesn't want to sell their music for cryptocurrency?!

  1. The Plan

Step 1: Win this contest or get the attention of people interested in making this happen... I need a team!
Step 2: Start a discord group where we can fine tune the thing.
Step 3: Get the foundation laid, programming done and make the callout for musicians.
Step 4: Kickstarter - for funding and publicity... there are a TON of broke musicians that would love to get paid and we can pay them.
Step 5: Go live on the blockchain and online.
Step 6: iphone and android compatibility

If one song sells 10,000 copies, the musician would make 9,000 SBD, and the business would make 1,000 SBD... That sounds like a win-win!

  1. Budget:

I have no idea how much a DEVELOPER costs but I do know that a % share in the business could be priceless. This will need some serious developers. Streaming music, music store, blockchain transaction record... phone apps... there is a lot to program there i am sure.

We will also need to program the radio station. This will require some thinking more than anything. What song gets played? What song isn't good enough to make the cut? The station needs to be listener friendly otherwise it has no listeners and makes no sales. There needs to be a ROUND TABLE that figures these tidbits out.

In order for this to get off of the ground, there will need to be some income to cover people who are working hard on building this and not getting paid by any other job. Building this would be their job. It might take 1 month or 3... not sure. It might take 1 developer or 8, I am clueless on that.

If it takes 2 developers 1 month, we would need $10K to pay each developer $5k so they can eat and pay rent and make their car payments etc.

Most of the details would be ironed out in the discord group (ROUND TABLE) over the course of the planning stage, which won't require money, just interested parties who would help get this market ready for a % share of the business.


Steem is an amazing blockchain and the possibilities are endless. Here is just another example of how steem can TAKE OVER every giant in the industry. Let's me SteemTunes a real thing. Thank you for reading and offering a platform for people to think big.


I think Steem tunes is a good idea. I hope steem investors and developers can see its potential too.

Wouldn't that be the coolest?! Thanks!!!

I like your thinking on this mate though one thing i would like to ask is could there be different "stations" for the various types of music like classic, pop, rock, heavy metal, rap, dance, etc etc? Another idea could an SMT be added to say pay listerner's for songs they listen to and pay the artists i higher rate of SMT's for every song of theres that get played just some ideas to maybe consider.

you're hired. There will definitely be stations as the number of music available increases... that SMT idea is genius!