Support Steem to win NetCoins Contest and Get 1$ upvote from alfanso bidbot

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It is comfortable that we are at number one position in this contest but margin is not good. So we have to increase the margin of safety.

alfanso is a bid bot and I have decided to support the contest with my upvotes. My Vote Strength is 3.58 STEEM. I will upvote with 1$ as per following

  1. Take two snapshot - one where it shows time left for contest to end and one when you upvoted. As done by alfanso itself.
  2. Upload those images as reply to this post
  3. Reply, posted after contest is closed, will not be upvoted.

I am continuously watching NetCoins website now for next 4 hours. As soon as you reply and I verify - I will upvote your reply with 1$ upvote till the competition ends or alfanso is drained of its vote power.

Please support. I am sure we all will be proud of winning this fiercely fought contest.


Final Results. Steem at Number two position with 21815 Votes. Our chances are still great to win as INS pumped with bots in last day. So let us stay positive. Over all as a community we did great job to come together. Lessons learned from this should be used to energise and bring the community closer in future.

No more reply will be upvoted after this as contest is closed.


You got a 10.31% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @cryptoewp!

Voted my last chance image


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