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RE: Engineering Update: DDoS, Wallet, SteemDAO

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The reason we chose to use (as opposed to is that it's a companion product that is intended to run alongside and is designed to be a relatively seamless experience that users of are already used to, but better.

How could it get any more seamless than currently being integrated into Steemit? You are separating 2 related things from eachother and saying they are designed to be seamless... Does that honestly make any sense to anybody? Just leave it where it is, and it will be as seamless as it could be.


obviously they have no real idea about how this should all look since its all brands new,....and so in a sense they are just winging it as this has never been done so its ok.. we need them to do this tho bro, its beren planned for a while, this is all scheduled and old news obviously u just havent ben keeping up with the updates and need to seperate out wallet and blogging functions... just do more reseatch before u question this bruh

its like ur onew of those people asking why steemirt inc needed to chgange logos lol or someo3en whod oenst get why steem and steemit are different :D

I was here for Steemit’s logo change... I was just hung up on the usage of the word seamless.

Because of the other reasons mentioned, security concerns when opening up to other domains like dtube. "Seamless" in regards to having it separated, not like it is now.


Just saying. I think it’s a bit ironic choice of words because they are creating that seam/gap/space 🤣


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