We need more steam :(

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I don't like this...

One whole month of slowly drifting down :(

It reminds me of the pattern we have seen in 2018:

In comparison to the hights we've exhibited, Steem lost between 3/4 and 4/5 of its value compared to BTC.

Can you imagine that disaster?

Earning Steem for the whole year, doubling, or even tripling the amount you have - and the price drops to 1/4

After 1 year, most of us actually have less, expressed in BTC :(

Poor Golos, Russian version of Steem, lost 97% of its value

I don't know what's the catch.

Maybe the whole concept is wrong.
Or only the strongest will survive.

Tell me what do you think

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lol at golos, glad i sold at a profit :D Not much, but 2x is 2x ^_^


Smart boy... I never seriously joined Golos, maybe posted 2-3 times

ok lets be realistic and compare apples with apples:

[all the top Cryptos/DLTs are using dPOS, all of them (except Tron) are build by Dan Larimer]

from all the dPOS Chains, Steem - since Larimer left, has improved zero in scaling (obvously without him, they dont know how). ... meanwhile, Eos scaled to 34,6 times! the peak performance of Steem.

For June Block.One has announced some big changes, they have patented "Steemit 2.0" and it will be crazy: Facebook history transfer (via JSON-File), Fingerprint + Facelock instead of complicated keys, a universal basic income to onboard new users

(each year a Eos Smart contract unlocks 10mln token = 54Million Dollar and 200 $ million at ATH for free use), they use unique user identification (proof of life) = no self-voting. They even have a patent for a control mechanism for the presidential election in 2020, something Trump is looking for and if this is not enaugh, Dans father Stan Larimer (also involved in blockchain) is a rocket scientist and they have launched a satalite-node with a falcon 9 from SpaceX to get out of regulation zone. They are moving to Washington DC to cooperate with regulators and govermet (sad but necessary), according to forbes CEO Blumer and Larimers net worth each exceeds Steem whole Marketcap. They have billionair Investors like ex-paypal CEO Thiel, Novogratz, Pierce

and Steemit Inc. ? has laid off 70% of staff, changed some cosmetics to the condenser and included adds because steemit.com has 120k running cost per month only for amazon hosting and no revenue-model to compensate this.

our strength is clearly not the tech, not the mechanism but the existing (but shrinking) community. The value of social media is based on the number of active unique users. This makes bootstrapping them so hard. We have ca. 40 blockchain based alternatives and all of them suck because they have no users = no heart and soul. It's not too late, but we shouldn't be ignorant.

These cryptos are all volatile, but I think it will change. Too many people think they are all bullshit, which they are far from being. Well, some are rubbish, but anyways. I think STEEMIT is an exceptional idea. Needs more people tho, and the time is ripe because FB is pissing everyone off. I am working on onboarding all my creative, technical and ambitious friends.Perhaps it is not for everyone, but I believe STEEMIT can be a hub for the productive. Now that there is advertising to support expenses that will help. But it needs to remain open too outsiders. Unlike FB.

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I hope you're right :)

Here was a few weeks back there that we started strong but now it's all falling again. Such a shame. I'm not sure why but I wish it would go the other way.

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We will catch the next wave

The truth is that there is an enormous quantity of steem accumulated at exchanges, waiting for the buyers...we need really a reversal of the whole market in order to start growing again, with fresh fiat entering, till then I am afraid we are going to suffer these prices, even if BTC confirms the bullish market, Steem will take longer...
The good new is that once confirmed, more and better informed investors will come and for sure Steem will be seen as one of the best Blockchain use case on which invest on...thought

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Makes sense...