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in steem •  5 months ago

Let's VOTE Steem on Coinbase

We will expecting great numbers of Steem buyer once steem is approve in coinbase and let the steemians Power combine!

@therealwolf is making a rally to make Steem be listed on Coinbase.
Visit his post here

Everyone who is favouriting (voting for) STEEM on Coinbase will receive a 10% vote by me.

Simply do the following steps:

1.) Go to
2.) Login or Signup first
3.) Go to
4.) Click on the star


Info: If you don't see the stars, it seems that this is a somewhat common problem. At the current time, I'm not aware what the solution could be. But you could write a ticket to coinbase, mentioning that you'd like to see Steem on your dashboard but are not able to do that.

5.) Make a screenshot similar to the image above
6.) Create a comment under this post with your screenshot to proof your action
7.) Get a 10% upvote.

Let's work together and show Coinbase how big the demand for STEEM truly is!

Let's make steemit great and great!
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