Steem Observations

in steem •  15 days ago

Tried to use Live Streaming at the studio on Friday but it didn't work out. If anyone know how to setup the mobile app broadcast me please let me know. I'm trying to get someone to use steemit to live cast their shows..

In this video I'm talking about what I'm seeing as far as steem is concerned.

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I can’t get the video to play. I will try to figure out how to get it to open in Dlive App.
I am glad to see your back and looking forward to what you think of Steem, Hard Fork 20 and also GIN and XAP. I have an update on XAP on my blog. It’s already 7 days old, but the news is relatively fresh.


Well that sucks. Guess these are the growing pains of trying to use DApps. That is basically what I was talking about in the video. I'm a big XAP supporter but they need to get on some better exchanges. GTM is another one that I have on watch as well as GIN.