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My main goal on Steem right now is to grow my Steem Power.


For some time now, I have been thinking about which payout reward setting is best for this goal.

50% Steem Power and 50% SBD or simply 100% powerup?

Based on my smalI analysis, I concluded that 100% power up looks good with SBD less than one dollar and should be changed immediately when SB hits a dollar or beyond. It is based on this analysis that I decided to set a 100% power up for both my posts and comments.

I am not sure if I am write with my conclusion or if this setting looks good like I think.

It is on this aspect that I would love to get the opinions of fellow Steemians and I am placing a small bounty to reward sensible comments.

Thank you for your time!

written by @akomoajong with love for Steem and support from @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian

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@akomoajong 31/01/2019

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I think you need to go 50/50 while you have small sp. The reason is that you need liquid steem for other things that will grow your sp faster. Some of those things are:

If all your steem is in sp, you cannot use it.

I also have a ton of minnow tips in this older post if you would like to look :)

Really, I have no idea about minnowbooster shares.

Well, I'm using qurator and I'm holding and earning some liquid Steem which would take care of my bills for a long time. I just don't want to continue powering up some of my liquid Steem when it is becoming too much

Thank you for the tips though!

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Its really the only way to go, make the most of this low steem price while you can and build up as much SP as possible. You won't regret it once it comes time for the market to go on the next bull run.

But besides that your influence will grow on this platform, you can help projects and others and really have your voice heard which to me is where the fun in getting SP is in, not what I can sell it for to buy stuff

Well, I think we are on the same train. Thank you!

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I like the 50/50 split one thing to take in is that when we are low like we are now you get steem and steem power and maybe a little bit of SBD. Given that the other reward is given at the current value of you want to change it to SP you can and don’t lose much. But having some liquid steem or SBD on the account allows you to do things like buy @steembasicincome shares or on @tipu for a quick return. Or to buy a few steem monstercards to do giveaway post. There is also monthly voting services you can use if you are active here. It is just nice to have the options to see what is out here imo.

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I understand all of this, I was just trying to figure out which setting is profitable based on the psychology of Steem but the it looks like it is the same outcome since SBD is not being printed.

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Hmmm agree with you and I want to do same but I need steem for sm🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

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Hahaha, it has always been the case.

You shouldn't try this then or probably you try rotating the cards. That's selling less useful cards to more buy useful ones. Which ever way that's better! 😄😊😀

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50/50 split is much better as it allows more flexibility. Let's say yo want to play some @magicdice or steemmonsters or even try @steem-bounty then you are going to need some STEEM/SBD. You can also use your liquid funds to promote your posts. Other than that @fitinfun covered the other good things you should try out.

Yeah, that's neat and clear. Just that I was just trying to figure out which setting is profitable based on the psychology of Steem but the it looks like it is the same outcome since SBD is not being printed.

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Although I think your reasoning is correct, I'd still opt for 50/50.
Having liquid Steem/SBD in your account can always come in useful, like if you want to assure daily upvotes by buying some SBI or Incinboost shares, for example.
Or for the times if you want to set a Steem-Bounty on a post :0)

If the amount of liquid Steem/SBD gets too high, you can still power it up.

Yeah, I agree with you on this, it's the reason why I am currently holding over 20 liquid Steem but then I was just trying to figure out which setting is profitable based on the psychology of Steem but the it looks like it is the same outcome since SBD is not being printed.

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100% power up is not bad, especially at this time when the price of the STEEM / SBD is quite low. I personally need to change to fiat constantly so my only option is to go 50 - 50

Oh! I see, that's clear. Thank you!

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Well on my case im trying to grow my SBD pool, i have the 50/50, i beleive that if my post are popular and i have a good strategy for my post i can achive the increase of my SBD.

I think we are back to SBD not been printed and as such, post rewards are 50% Steem and 50% Steem Power.

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I think that you should go,

50/50 on the blog post reward because you might need SBD to buy some steem at it's lowest prize someday or now or Steem to join helpful community like @qurator, @steembasicincome or get a share of SBI.

and you can go 100 for the comment post rewards to boost up SP only but that meant you've got to do a lot of good comment to other post so that you could get some upvote from the author or other readers/steemians.

I think we are back to SBD not been printed and as such, post rewards are 50% Steem and 50% Steem power.

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