I am all in on Steem: My success in Redfish Power up League

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Hi all,

I am one of those who see these low prices of Steem as an opportunity to buy and earn more Steem because I believe in the future of Steem.


I also see the low prices to have presented me with the easiest opportunity to become a minnow and even a dolphin. I wouldn't want to exaggerate it to a whale lol

Buying Steem

I have been powering up and buying Steem every week from my cryptocurrency faucet earnings and weekly savings (sadly not much still though)

Currently, I am 300SP away from being a minnow and based on the current price of Steem, this is just about $70. This is a huge motivation for me and I will continue to do my best to buy as much as I can afford.

Earning Steem

I have been more active on the steem blockchain in the last few weeks than ever before. I post at least two articles a day and I also read/comment on many posts daily.

At the time of writing this post, I had 16 posts still on pending payouts.

This you can check from; https://steemnow.com/@akomoajong

My success in Redfish Power up League

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the Redfish Power up League organized by @paulag and sponsored by @curie

A Redfish is someone with less than 500SP and there exist other leagues for different SP levels organized by @abh12345

Every Wednesday, @paulag puts up a table of rankings based on the amount of Steem powered up by league members in the last 7 days of the post.

The drop in Steem price to $0.3 completely motivated me to hustle for as much Steem as I can because I feel it is a giveaway at this price. Due to this mentality, I have achieved a huge success in the Redfish Power up League

Last week, I was tenth with a power up of 41.762SP


On Wednesday, I was sixth with a powerup of 42.148SP


These stats are another source of motivation and I feel good comparing my stats with others.

With Steem currently down to $0.235 at the moment, I am looking forward to how many SP I will buy and Power up.

I have no SP target to achieve, I just wanna grab all'em SP I can lol

My message to fellow Redfishes

I encourage fellow Redfishes to take advantage of this low Steem price and increase their Steem Power.

Be more active even if you can not afford to buy Steem. It is much more easier to earn Steem now compared to when it was at $1 or more.

Thank you for your time!

written by @akomoajong with love for Steem and support from @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian

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@akomoajong 07/12/2018

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Much appreciated, thank you!

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You're doing great brother. As someone with oly 325 SP I too only care about increasing my Steem Power.

I look at STEEM at 0.24$ and I feel so sad that I do not have any spare fiat that I could use to buy some. At the current price it's a steal in my opinion. Well, I guess I just have to keep posting and slowly grind that STEEM.

Anyway, keep up the good work. You'll reach minnow status in no time.

Steem on!

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I so sad that I can't afford much myself. This seems a big opportunity.

Well, I guess I just have to keep posting and slowly grind that STEEM.

Same here, Steem On! 👍💪💯

Thank you!

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you are doing really well, post payouts are low, this post now is at $1.03, when the price goes back up to $1 per steem, this post would earn 4 times that with the same votes. so we are all taking a hit and its amazing to see people like you power up. thanks for the shout out

You're right👍💯 thank you too!

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