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RE: Steem Velocity Hardfork - Hardfork 20

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I am glad to know that HF20 is coming. It was a much awaited thing as we were reading about it time and again. I think some issues, related to Steem platform, were addressed effectively and some others were totally ignored.
Positive changes: implementation of Resource Credit in place of bandwidth system, procedure of account creation, change in dust vote threshold, removal of the minimum sp power down restriction, change in 30 minutes curation timeline, change in self voting reward to some extent, time limit of 28 days for internal market orders, removal of 20 second comment limit, decrease in delegation cool down period, fix for double voting exploitation, increase in account voting power precision, upvote lockout period and other witness related issues.
However, there are many issues which were left untouched. An issue like self voting was addressed but it was done not very effectively. No limit was imposed on self voting. Also issues like vote selling, circle jerking, downvoting without assigning any reason, no payout for quality posts were left untouched. These were the core issues which many users wanted to be addressed and fixed. I welcome change but this change cannot be said a radical change. It is an old wine in new bottle. So, it is a bit disappointing.


What solutions are being proposed? There is a lot of talk about the problems, but are there any workable proposals that consensus can be built around?

Something must be done to revive this platform. It has become a cow which forehead is the responsibility of the content creators and the right over it's milking have been given to the whales. So, whales and not owners are getting milk and minnows are getting urine and cow dung.

That is not a solution oriented comment. I think we are done talking.

Dear Tim. It was not possible for me to sum up everything in a single comment thread. I have wrote a post on these issues. I hope you would like to check it. I have many suggestions but I not many people bother to read posts on this platform. They simply upvote or ignore a post without opening it. This is the problem with this platform.
I appreciate your work for this platform. I am confident that you can change many thing here.

Send me a link to your suggestions and I’ll review.

With pleasure sir.
This is the link of my post...
I wanted to add many things but due to time constraint I could not do much. I hope at least some suggestions may be considered by the developers.
Thank you.

I just took a quick look. I’ll review in more detail and reply on Monday.

Ok dear!

Now that account creation is being regulated, there should be more options. An interesting proposal i read long ago was a decreasing vote weight for consecutive voting on the same account. Assuming people do not have enough shill accounts anymore to effectively distribute all their voting power, this would encourage people to diversify their upvotes. Large investors will not be happy of course but it might bring back some of the original 'let the community decide on whats trending' idea.

The abusers would just create shill accounts, and the 'honest' users would be the only ones that would get punished.

How about changing Trending, New and Hot to monthly, weekly, dayly and hourly trending? It will open a lot of slots for shorter visibility and give curators more choice.

There has been a lot of discussion about that. I think the plan is to change everything out once we have communities.

Your effort inspires

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