How to get free Steem dividends + Bonus ?

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We distribute STEEM for participiants every week (lifetime)!

How to get Steem dividends ?? "Step by step."

  • Follow Us
  • Open an account on Steemvoter, or SteemAuto ...
  • Set up automatic upvote for us. (Upvote on = posts, Target account = airdropattention, Voting Power = 100% , Voting delay = No delay)
  • Done. We distributed 0,005 - 1 STEEM for you every sunday. 


  • Resteem and i upvote your post.



That’s great. Will go signup. Thanks

will sign-up to steemauto as soon as I can, haven't earned enough to even sing up to steemconnenct.

resteemed and I'll try to add u soon.

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but why steemvoter?
we could use steemauto also as most of steemians use that site for autovote.

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i am trying to wrap my head around all of this, i kinda need some little explanation, maybe a breakdown would suffice

I am new to this so I will have to join steemauto. Thank you for the information.

@airdropattention done following you and it seems I'm your very first follower.

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