Buy Steem now (Spoiler: $1.343 | Very low)

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As of right now I advise you highly to invest into the crypto currency STEEM as it's price is in such a low zone that it's actually more than opportunity!

The price is as spoiled in the title $1.343 US Dollar or 1.178€ Euro.
This is as low as the motivation of koalas (ok bad example).
We have seen STEEM between +$2 – $1.7 USD.
Now that we are at 1.343 it shows that this is your CHANCE! to invenst into STEEM as the price will go up surely in the next Hours? Days? Weeks?

If you invest now $250USD into STEEM, that's ≈ 186.15 STEEM -> bought.

Let's say the price goes up to $1.87 USD and you'd sell ALL OF 'EM you would have $348.1USD and a profit of $98.1 ≈$100USD profit out of thin air!

Or if it goes up to $2USD and sold 186.15 that's $372.3 and 372.3 - 250 = $122.3USD out of nothing and that's only if you invest 250 imagine if you would put 1000 in the pot.

That's it from me I don't want to make a long post just for this little news post.

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I had no idea the price was so low right now !


No problem. It's Ether end-low or getting lower. (See what I did there Ether (; )

Wait. The chart in coinmarketcap says that three months ago the price was around 0.2$. Isn't it possible that steem keeps getting cheaper? (chart)


Yes that could be possible but I wouldn't recommend coinmarketcap at all as it seems very confusing.

My top favorite is very easy, very professional, very impressive.
Seriously look it be up.