Automation taxes, basic income and jobs of the future!

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Hello, I posted the first video in another comment but I watched it again and realized it was too cool not to post on my own feed so here it is. It's about the economics of taxing automation and providing a universal basic income. Then I realized it coincided with some other ideas I enjoy to think about that concern the future of work, so I posted those to, enjoy!!

By the way, I do not mind a universal basic income at all. Slowly but surely we're climbing the Pyramid of Maslow's hierarchy of Needs. It's about time we knock off the basic needs so we can all focus on the fun stuff at the top.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.52.40 PM.png

This isn't my idea, I saw Ray Kurzweil speak about this very situation. This whole video is unreal, but he speaks about automation and the future of work at around the 30:50 mark. Interesting to note, he says that throughout history, large numbers of human labor jobs have been mass eliminated with the introduction of machines, so this isn't abnormal. For every job that gets eliminated a new one pops up at the top of the pyramid that we would have never even imagined to be possible. For example, take what people do here on Steemit. I would never have dreamed that people would be able to provide value to others basically any way they see fit in that moment and be rewarded for it on the spot. It's pretty remarkable.

Hope you enjoyed my post because it was fun to piece together. I could have added another video, but I'll save for next time. Wishing you well.

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