Steemit Inc, Top Witnesses, and Whales confirmed and planning on the Steem Growth Forum this Saturday at 11am EST (1600 UTC)

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So, I've gone around and contacted a fair number of the biggest names on the platform and I don't think you're going to be disappointed. We'll have folks from Steemit INC, around a dozen of the top 20 witnesses including @timcliff and @jesta. We'll have some of the biggest whales on the platform around. This is the start of a conversation you're not going to want to miss it!

Steem Growth Forum

This is a chance to gather some of the most influential people on the platform, get them into a virtual room together, and start the discussion of how we are going to grow the ecosystem. The world is a little broken and many of us here know that the Steem platform can address an incredible number of issues. We know HF20 Velocity and SMTs are coming and those innovations can elevate the Steem platform from one of the best platforms to the single best platform to spend your attention on.

Come have this discussion. If you're a whale, a Steemit employee, a top 30 witness, a follower whale or host a large Discord community we're happy to have you come on the live broadcast. If you're not one of those you're welcome to join us the Discord chatroom and type in questions, pose questions, or submit some ideas. Those interactions are recorded too.


We'll take a quick poll at the beginning of the show and see who wants to start us off (looking at you @andrarchy). Folks that want to speak will enter a 1 in chat. They'll get logged in order on a spreadsheet. We'll go through the spreadsheet and talk to some folks. I'll have a 5 min timer and let people go. After the first round we'll collect names again and potentially expand the participation rules depending on who is there and who else wants to speak. If there are some members that don't meet the requirements I'll work on hosting another meeting later for them.

Voice chat needs

Make sure you have a headset and mic.
Show up a little before the start to test your mic and headset. We have some waiting room voice channels that are good for testing.

Community Standards and Rules

These will be in effect during the broadcast. If you can't abide by some fairly simple rules you'll be shown the door. This isn't a forum for you to flame. If you have some constructive criticisms they'll be welcome. If you're there to target people or Steemit don't expect to last long.

You can find the basics of what you need to know about our community here:


The Moderated discussion will take place at 11AM EST (this is NYC time) Saturday November 18. This I believe is 16:00 UTC time. I will moderate the discussion.

It will take place in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord channel:

The Minnow Support Project has created a streaming internet radio station called mspwaves. We'll broadcast the event live and save a recording for the block later.

Typed in questions and discussion by the audience will happen here:
You can listen to the show in the PALnet discord room here:
You can listen to the show live on air at

This is just the start of the conversation

Since I've been here the platform has increased the number of accounts 4X and the price between 5X and 10X. We're growing. We grew the platform around 2% just last week. There's more to do and we're going to meet and figure out what we want to prioritize as a community. I'll extend this conversation out to other groups as well (just like I mentioned in Witness Chat in This is just the starting point. Come join us and lend your voice to the chorus and be an active participant in the forum and in the growth of a remarkable platform.

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Thanku bro for this post !

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This is a good initative ... looking forward to see steemit grow and beat wishes for the forum to succeed. There is no incentive to actually view the posts of fellow users and upvotes are mostly casted without viewing the posts... perhaps you guys will look into this and discuss a better solution. Thanks!

yeah pls!

es verdad

tienes toda la razon

This is going to be pretty epic.

Would love to hear @starkerz on this amazing initiative. He has been touring universities and speaking one on one to students - He also had a chance to speak at Steemfest @aggroed

They seem like a great fit. I'd love it if they'd attend and come on air.

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

Some of the people on here come up with some great ways to keep us informed about steemit. Plus offer us a chance to give ideas for growth in the future. So appreciate what's going on behind the scenes more every day.

Great initiative @agroed!
I would like to know what the majority of the witness think of bots and their impact on the growth of this platform.

What an amazing opportunity to get together with the top Steemians and listen to their voices, as well as express our own. Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of organizing this @aggroed. I will make plans to be there.

See you then!

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

This is going to be pretty epic.

so that's gonna be a Steemgasm moment :D

This seems like a good idea. I am looking forward to it and will make an effort to listen in. I am liking what is happening on the server...

me parece importante pero hay lagunas personas que deberian publicar cosas mas importante


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Very good article, I can only find read on steemit

Great initiative to get the biggest stakeholders together to address any concerns and align on a way forward!. I will listen in for sure.

thanks for comment plz vote for vote

@aggroed, found this write-up a year ago and I found it very educative thanks for sharing this very long time ago. Resteemed.

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usefull post. thank you

Are you planning to put the conversation on youtube/dtube afterwards for those that can't attend live?


Very good post.

অনেক দরকারী আর্টিকেল। thanks

I have a lot of questions, if i join can i ask them, is this for everybody in the world. Or a particular country?

Why is curation very good in some countries and so messed up in so others?
This initiative is beautiful. I hope i cant ger to attend

you're welcome to ask things in chat, and hopefully we'll get to them!

When is it begining sir?

Show starts recording at 11AM est on Saturday morning.

I'll be very keen to tune in; and appreciate what you're doing here.
I'd like to hear from Luke Stokes too, if possible.

Hello, @aggroed, Awesome initiative! Good to know we've got leaders who care about bringing out the best in the Steem ecosystem... I'll definitely be listening in and ask appropriate questions too...
@stach @ejemai @jaynie you guys might wanna check this out...🙌

Steem on! 🐬

Very good post.
and very useful.
I have Resteem and Upvote your article for progress and forward together.

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Oh ya i was lookig for something like this i got questions

I’m really looking forward to this. 2018 is going to be a great year for Steem

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Looking forward to a great 2018!

It's pretty amazing! and awesome, thanks for sharing
@followed and upvoted for you

I will not be able to join the conversation. If it is not too much trouble. I would hope that you would post the discussion. It would also be good if you could talk about how best minnows like me can get my content noticed. I find that it is hard for someone like me to get noticed even when I try hard to produce good content.

For all the influential people who will come to this Growth forum, I would like to submit this proposal to help grow the Steemit and Bitshares ecosystems.

Please be so kind to have a look at it, and perhaps discuss the possibilities during this forum? Thanks in advance!


I am looking forward to listening in on this, as I am wanting to contribute to the growth of Steemit and am interested to hear what everyone has to say. I feel like a TEAM effort is needed by everyone on the platform to try and grow this place together. We all should try to do our best to bring in new people to the platform, and to support each other while we are here. Thanks for putting this together @Aggroed.

This is very good.please up vot and follow me.

I am more impressed each day with the integrity and openness of this platform and community @aggroed Steemit has certainly exceeded all expectation that I initially had.

Was able to watch several of the videos from the Steemfest and although much of the technical info was far above my head I recognized the quality of dedication by those focusing on the greater good.

Kudos to the Steemit team. Hope to hear and meet more of you!

Thank man for this post, i have learned a lot from it. Keep up with the good work.

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