Powerdown Stopped and a thank you!

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Hey Ned,

Glad to see that the powerdown has stopped. I know it restarted back on programmatic selling, and I have no qualms with that. Thanks for stopping the major powerdown. I think it's an important step to healing the divide between Steemit and frustrated witnesses, large stake holders, and sections of the community at large.

I want to express my gratitude not only for that, but also your changes regarding how you're interacting with the community.

I expressed 4 major problems a few weeks ago: Fiscal management, communication, open development process, and mass adoption. Additionally, Tim has had concerns around transparency, and Jesta has shared concerns around accountability.

I can't speak for them, but I think I see improvement in every category. I think some of the mindset at Steemit has shifted. So far it's looking better now than it was a few weeks ago. Nice job! Change isn't easy. It took a while to get here, but I'm feeling much better about this whole thing these days.

I want to add that @elipowell is doing a great job helping to mend some old challenges and build some new pathways that feel more inclusive than the previous approaches. I was excited to see Vandeberg come on air too during Pennsif's forum. That seems like another great step in the right direction towards changing the culture around Steemit.

I'm looking forward to seeing transparency reports. I'm looking forward to figuring out ways that Steemit and the many Dapps can work together to grow this ecosystem. I'm pleased seeing how these changes that seem to have taken root and show a little light.

I'll continue doing my best to grow this ecosystem through Apps and Communities. Let me know if there are specific ways that I can help or how I could be of service.

Overall, this seems like a good start at a real turnaround and I'm looking forward to watching it play out.

Keep it up!


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Man, jerking them off in public, the shame!

Say anything to head up that foundation, eh? Keep a lot of lotion on hand, literally.

They did not “stop” anything, @aggroed is a liar.


As my grandmother used to say "you can catch more flies with honey than by acting like a giant bag of dicks."

I called Steemit out when Ned et al did things I didn't like. I'll praise them when they make good changes. I'll apparently take heat from the community for both of those actions.

Let no good deed go unpunished.

I'm honored that you read my page though. Here have some tea.


tehuh! Tea! ; )

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.26.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.52.20 PM.png


I appreciate your work with @ned and Steemit Inc. @aggroed. Thank you 😊✌


Huge respect to The Grandma. Deeply inspirational

I don't know much about the ins and outs of the programming of the site, and the various power struggles, but I had my grave concerns about the big power down as well, but if @aggroed is happier, I am happier.

I was sure it will end up a nice way. Thanks to all of you!

Okay good to see you guys are happy with this decision by @ned.
And why not, we can only succeed by working together like a family.

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Nice! 😅

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I very much agree - it's an important statement from Steemit Inc. that the power-down is stopped. So thank you, Ned (and all the community members who let their voices known)

And since some Steemians might confuse it: @steemit is still powering down, but only enough to cover their 800,000 STEEM monthly programmatic selling. Previously they powered down an equivalent of 8,000,000 STEEM per month, which is what this post is about.


Yea never mind the 3 weeks worth they’ve already moved. You’re just another sucker.

So good to hear this @aggroed, I think everyone is breathing a sigh right about now. I am committed to Steem we are at the beginning of great possibility!

Great to see we are moving forward!


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@Ned Would be good to have the delegations restored to the projects that had their delegation pulled during the power-down.

Also, projects like @Share2Steem could use a nice delegation. I believe S2S is one of the fastest growing dApps on Steemit.


Dapps need to find delegation on their own and not depend one big actor.

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I agree, otherwise they become dependent on 1 entity.


S2S is dope..delegation from @ned is in order..


why? Since when do businesses not find their own funding? Why is this different? Hardly decentralised if every business gets its money from one pot is it?

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Why you salty ??


Since when is asking a simple question being 'salty'? Very odd thing to say !

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Yeah..... More steem or less steem I don't understand this economy

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@ned stopped his powerdown but @steemit account didn't. It seems @steemit account only reduced the powerdown, is this correct @aggroed?


Yes, but the amount they are doing is what they normally do rather than a very aggressive powerdown.


Okay! Makes a lot of sense now ;)

Wow, it's the latest news! Glad to see that Ned is a reasonable man.

This is great news and I hope we can continue down this path.

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Finally, after some investors had pulled out already... Well it's a good new


Who did?


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Great news !

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Congratulations @aggroed!
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Let us, everybody post “Thank you @ned “.

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Most excellent to see some sense of amity return. Much respect to @aggroed for speaking up.

I'm just a tiny little sub-minnow, but it's good to feel better about our leadership.

Steemit Inc has stopped the power down?

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Awesome news! Really excited about this change. Can't wait for moon season 🌙

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Thanks for sharing this @aggroed. I was dealing with too much domestic drama over the past several months to know what was going on with Steemit, but I'm glad to see that things are moving ahead.

oh, thanks for the news ... positive

I agree @aggroed seems to get heat either way. This is good news and nothing wrong with him saying "thank you"

Cool and resteemed :-)

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