Justin Sun tweeted again! Is it time to panic? Is it time to celebrate?

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I know everyone is really sensitive right now and scared. We've gone through a lot and it's a little terrifying to have someone new and powerful on the chain. It's especially scary when the first thing they announce is that the Steem blockchain is migrating to Tron via a token swap. That sets a rough stage.

As a group it was looking like we may have gotten through that though...

  1. Tron announces the token swap
  2. Something happens that changes his mind
  3. Justin gets on dlive and says there won't be one and will support the chain
  4. Conflicting stories come out, tweets get deleted.
  5. Now we have this tweet.

On first pass reading this tweet it's easy to think he's pushing the exact same message of Token swap and no more Steem as a blockchain, but because I've been paying extreme attention to grammar this tweet isn't horrifying so much as promising. (Grammar seems to be the basis of the fraud that corporations masquerading as governments use to deceive us into consent).

Steemit to Shift Its Proprietary Blockchain & Token to #tron network.

Ok, Steemit can shift to whatever Justin wants (assuming the die hard team of trauma-bonded Steem hardcores at Steemit go along with it).

Proprietary is just wrong. It's opensource. So is the website. Steemit.com, the domain, is owned. Steem technology is for everyone! (PS witnesses have it all backed up).

But both are nitpicking though. The real deal here is the phrase "to the "Tron NETWORK." NETWORK!!! NETWORK!!!

Does that say blockchain? No. Even if he doesn't get everything about steem do you think he knows the difference between a network and a blockchain?

The number 1 threat this community feels was proposed by Justin via the "token swap" to a different blockchain. That would be the deal of a lifetime to a million projects in crypto, but apparently that's not the case to most Steemians.

A shift in tone

He started out with the token swap plan, but this Tweet is indicating a shift. As I read it he's moving away from token swap and into integrating the two together.

What's the best things that steem could possibly ask for? Users! How could we get them quickly? We'd be incorporated into a larger network. What is this tweet saying he's going to do? "Shift Steemit into the Tron network." That network includes 100 million bittorrent users, I dont' know how many tronians, and a marketcap of billions. that's a good network. To me it's a dream network to leap into. As a businessman I'm thinking about the massive potential this brings. It's unprecedented for Steem.

And if the whole conversation hadn't started with a token swap this would be hands down thrilling!

I get the fear factor is high here, but I maintain this could be the biggest opportunity for Steem in the history of Steem.

Tron has just partnered with @steemit... to provide its network for #steemit services

Here's the next full sentence.

"#Tron has partnered with @steemit, a major blockchain-based blogging and social networking website to provide its network for #steemit services."

"Tron has partnered with steemit." Technically they acquired them and that seems like wordsmithing to make that more polite.

"A major blockchain-based blogging and social networking website." Yep, steemit.com is a website that uses a blockchain.

"to provide its network for #steemit services." What's this mean? Well get rid of the middle and put it together. "Tron has partnered with @steemit to provide its (tron's) network for #steemit services"

That's a great sentence too. Tron has partnered with @steemit. @steemit is referencing steemit as a company. To provide [the Tron] network for #steemit services. #steemit is an acknowledgement that steemit as a business is different than steemit as a service. #steemit is closer to the website or the #steem blockchain. So, he's saying he's going to provide the #tron network for #Steemit services.

Again. That's bad ass!!!

Seriously, there's a scenario here where Steem literally just hit the blockchain lottery!

This is all great, but what if he's just going to nuke steem and we want to stay on steem?

Well, for that you'll have to consult the founder of blockchain defense mechanisms. Theodore Roosevelt-

Justin owns steemit.com, a bunch of Steem, 2 opensource repos, and contracts with some very talented and extremely devoted steem hardcores. He's now integrated with passionate content creators, business leaders, and elected witnesses.

In the worst possible scenario envisioned by Steemians where he attempts to shut down steem I imagine the following happening within a week.

  1. The chain splits. Nearly everything is left the same except Steemit stake is zeroed and a new name is applied to the chain.
  2. A bunch of infrastructure appears overnight to replace the steemit nodes. Full nodes cost $50/month to run now.
  3. Existing relationships are used to open up exchange listings for the new coin
  4. Steem devs come out of the woodwork to help
  5. Versions of steemit.com appear overnight supporting the new coin
  6. People power down and leave
  7. Justin has 75M steem tokens that are plummeting in value, a chain that's vacant, a website no one uses, and a PR disaster.

What's the best case?

Exactly what I read in the tweets he's making.

He's integrating @Steemit as a company and #steemit as a service into the Tron network (as opposed to blockchain).

If I had to say outloud my number one hope for the next step for Steem it would literally be this. And I'm cautiously optomistic it's happening.

Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe he's a liar. Maybe this is terrible, but FOR-NOW I'm really fucking stoked, but also preparing for the worst.


And he has 75M steem now. He's aligned with making Steem kick ass. Which do you think is easier to do 10X steem or 10x tron? My guess is that with minimal effort he can net a hundred millions by helping this place rather than squashing it. And that's good for the WHOLE-NETWORK.

What's in it for Tronians?

Well, if this thing works out then all the apps and dapps that get built here because this chain suits them will incorporate tronlink and accept tron, and build all the voluntary bridges possible. Troners get new apps, new sinks for Tron, new tron hodlers, and Steem gets new users, new investors, and new opportunities.

Shit's exciting. Incentives are aligned. Preparations for the worst are underway.

Overall, I currently see this a giant fucking win, and here's hoping the eternal blockchain upvotes us all.


Lastly, I lost a whale vote on my witness and dropped to 16. It's a struggle to be in the top 20 without the @freedom or @blocktrades vote. I'm literally the only one on the chain who is doing that. If you value what I do here please vote for my witness or proxy to @minnowsupport. We don't have to agree on everything, but if you think that I bring value to the Steem community and the Steem token price please vote my witness.

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Update 1. @d0zer found this

Which was released today. It says two conflicting things. 1. Steem will move to the new token. 2. Steem will join the ecosystem.

Clearly this story needs to be followed.


Now you are just being naive @aggroed

I know we all want that the best case scenario to happen, but this is just another piece o evidence that supporting the steem blockchain is not on Justin Sun plan.

We are still trying to grab ourselves in some insignificant stuff, like 'language' barriers, but I think it's time to take of our pink glasses.

Here is what is the most probable scenario of this acquisition:


His English really wasn't that bad in the AMA.... doubtful it's a 'language thing'... one thing seems certain however, the community's way too invested in Steem to want to have anything to do with tron, including most witnesses. And there's the rub (for @justinsunsteemit) who from the sounds of it wants to onboard steem ecosystem + it's users to tron. It's not so simple as just being a done deal like the way his most recent vid and tweet imply(and that completely contradict that what was said in the 'ask me anything' which amounted to 2-3 brief questions over the entire thing...

All he need is to offer a better financial deal for people to jump to Tron steem.

He's not being naive.

He's good a solid position for whatever happens.

The delusion is getting out of hand. This whole post is literal nonsense.
"Proprietary" means that he thinks Steemit.inc owns STEEM. Thats the narative to push if you want to develop legitimacy to a token swap.

They do own the wallets holding the Steem, and as past forks suggest, perhaps own the witness pool. Not saying he (Sun) is going to ream us (although his every other statement seems to indicate we better grab some lube), but seems like he can if he wants.

That's the idea. What matters to Tron is the brand, not the blockchain.

I'm ready to fork out - we don't need TRON scam - I'm for the original STEEM

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I think Tron's marketing department has not aligned yet with the new development. Maybe Justin thought at the beginning that Steemit is just a proprietary website with a token that can be easily migrated to another chain and did not realize that Steem is much more than just a token, it is the only true blockchain-based social network. I today wrote an article why it is hard to migrate Steem to Tron from a dev standpoint.

the fool doesn't even know what he bought

Honestly the more I follow this the more I am calming down.

I mean, why would Justin buy 75 million steem in order to render it useless? He is a quite successful business man after all.
Seems like he has a lot of ideas and some of them sounds scary, but he does seem to have intentions and vision for steemit(and partly steem). Most of all the resources this guy brings is could be what this blockchain might just need. He has gotten Tron into top 10, why is it that bad this guy decided to invest heavily into steem?

This could be the best thing happening for this blockchain. (or the worst, but hoping for the better!)

@aggroed could you please provide clarity and discuss potential accusations of foreknowledge and conflict of interest that may be raised concerning the following article?


"Steem Monsters made some headlines in the blockchain gaming space and there is a reason for that. It’s a great decentralized game with digital trading cards developed by Jesse Reich (Aggroed) and Yabapmatt."

"Now Steem Monsters is expanding to TRON Blockchain by taking advantage of the SeedGerminator platform."

Oddly, the article is dated April 13, 2019, which doesn't make much sense to me, but I haven't been playing and know little about your great success with Splinterlands.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you get in front of this issue before any accusations start coming from trolls.


We worked with a crowd funding platform on Tron. It's run by the number one Super Representative on Tron. As a result of the money we raised we integrated Tronwallet into the game, and TRX as payment options.

That's a PR disaster I like it... I've been away for a few moons but I must say things are getting a little juicy and it's good some witnesses are standing up and having a say. After all we need you guys setting the record straight and keeping tabs, verifying blocks and all.

Such is life

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were we hating on Ned because lack of communication? Oh the good old days...

What if Justin Sun is really a fool? I don't want to believe it, but such variant is quite likely.

Not necessarily a fool but he does not have an IT background at all. He majored in history at Beijing university. I don't recall what he studied at Pennsylvia state university but it wasn't anything tech related.

neither did Bill Gates. You dont need to go to university in tech to learn how to code. I dont know that he does but just assuming he doesnt know crypto because he didnt go to school in tech is pretty lame.

Bill Gates did have a tech background despite not graduating from Harvard.

"I dont know that he does but just assuming he doesnt know crypto because he didnt go to school in tech is pretty lame."

In understanding complex software such as Steem or Tron, a tech background helps. Justin Sun is no coder, self-taught or not. He has another type of background.

Assessing how easy it is to migrate the Steem blockchain to Tron is not easy. You have to know how it works in detail.

Performes a cursory analysis of the code and documentation. Seems technically infeasible w Tron's existing design / architecture.

Assessing how easy it is to migrate the Steem blockchain to Tron is not easy. You have to know how it works in detail.

Fair enough

The problem with Twits is that they are so short.
And so, lack any real information.

I really dislike the heads of tech companies.
They are always saying things that are impossible.
Meaning, what they are saying is not actually what they are doing.

... so what is the actual plan?

Jesus, WTF unvoted you as a witness now>? You're one of the main dudes keeping track of this and corralling people together!

Here are my disclaimers first:
I'm not a programmer,
I am not a crypto investor,
I have no degrees in anything.
and I am not a business man.

Everyone pretty much knows that the facebook guy is trying to do a steem coin/steemit social media thing on his network. Justin keeps talking about bringing steemit to his network, not so much to his block chain. When I took a quick cursory glance at the Tron network and its offerings I did not see any social side to his chain or network, no steemit style place no steem chat/discord chat type chat type thing.

It seems to me he is not so much into reinventing things as he is into integrating different and various things. Steem Block Chain is small potatoes, I think he wants to get to the level of facebook control.

Remember what I am not, I am just some guy enjoying the steem block chain.

bad press is better than none :)

Is it possible for the top witnesses to have a direct interaction...over live voice/video chat or along those lines with Justin? That ways there’s firsthand exchange of information instead of indirect open letters, which he may or may not come across.

Well if it all goes south, I’ll plan to stick with PALnet and Steem-Engine. IMO you built something that has many roots and can stand alone. It would be tough at first but I’ll trust your insight on this one.

Well said @aggroed. There are 2 sides to this story and I hope people are paying attention to both of them. It could be a good thing, so don’t make rash decisions. It could also be a bad thing, so take necessary steps to protect yourself.

About that video at the end — it’s just reading off the original medium post. I also am extremely confused as to why he says “this is Tron Leo” at the end...

Is this supposed to be a jab at steemleo? I’m confused as shit on that front.

Posted via Steemleo

I think they have a leo mascot.

and why is it so hard for them to tell people what is going on? (also are steemit employees kidnaped with no internet access? From what i heard they are great people, but...)

there are few reasons:

  • He has no idea what he bought, thought that he could swap it all but then seen that it is not that easy.
  • The live stream was just a thing to buy time as it for now.
  • He really wants to do what he told in the live stream but his team understands english like my neighbour that is still watching TV on analog signal and does not know that internet exists.

As i said in my previous comment (that i should have edited with this). We all complained about lack of communication in the Ned era. Well he was quiet, but he did not talk about assimilation on Twitter either.

I see this as a potential win too! Ned was a terrible owner of steemit, I couldnt be happier he is gone! Now we got an owner that cares and likes to make money, how could that be bad? He obviously sees steemit/steem as a good investment considering the community and the technologies. It definitely wasnt a competitor to tron so why buy it just to destroy it? That makes no sense. So im cautiously optimistic about this "partnership" 😉 And you already got my vote for witness.

I can't agree more. Tron bought a well working social media platform. Why build it once more on tron?

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Justin sun should try to integrate tron network and steemit together

I need communication, and I thank you for trying to keep us informed!
You have my vote @aggroed !

Mmmmh... I don't know exactly what to think... here's his last video on YT, just a few minutes ago...

It's not difficult!! Everyone at primary school learn that a sentence is composed of: subject, verb and direct object.
I can't understand what is the need of creating all these misunderstandings

It's a second langauge and it's
steem the blockchain
steemit inc the company
steemit.com the app
steemit.com users, bloggers using steemit.com
steem users, people interacting on the steem blockchain which may or may not include steemit.com

He is BEYOND rich enough and smart enough and OLD enough to hire someone to make it grammatically perfect.
I wish people would stop being apologists because of their own agendas. Having an agenda isn't a bad thing but anybody with an I.Q. over Coronavirus can see how the DLIVE thing went down.
Steemit users are too old overall for what he goes after.
Here sad koolaid drinkers,,,,,have some Prune Juice. ;)

Anybody with a IQ over Coronavirus

Coronavirus is deeply offended.lmao

lol so is Prune Juice, glad you enjoyed that as I aim to please the uber select few I find ultra awesome
I've been very busy selling extra cans of Lysol online for 900 dollars each. :) who knew that toilet paper, rubbing alcohol and cleaner would be more profitable than bitcoin

self UV and then pretend that I didn't do that on purpose too!
If the Devil is in the details then (insert whatever influencer bullshit here)
ya feelz meh

ahahahaha so we need a JustinSunTraslator...maybe someone here can create this dapp for all of us! ;)
But seriously speaking, how much he paid for steemit inc (the company)? If he bought it, is because he think to earn from this investment, therefore it is in his interest to ensure that our community continue to grow.
It will be great if will be created a sort of "bridge" between the two blockchain, so having an account on steem make you able to act on the tron blockchain and vice versa.

There are just a few pronouns in Mandarin Chinese, and unlike many European languages, there are no subject / verb agreements to worry about. Just a few simple rules tell you everything you need to know about pronouns in Chinese.


Languages differ yo.

ok that's true!!
But i think: speak simple and clear = a better understanding of your thoughts.
The language is like a function that transform our thoughts in sounds, but a single word can have multiple meaning for different people that have had different experiences, instead the "language of the thought" is universal.
One day maybe we will manage to communicate each other without speaking (telepathy), and then all misunderstandings will disappear!!

yap they do. but if i had billions of dollars and wanted to write stuff about my company on twitter in english, i would for sure employ someone who knows it.

And how many people would give him shit? "He's got a PR guy doing the talking for him" Sometimes it's damned if you do, damned if you dont.

not talking writing

I think it could be one of those things:

  1. Justin is just trying to overtweet Trump in a Tweet death match. Remember cofefe… cowfefe… cowfifi… Justin!
  2. Justin is just trying to disperse all the user from the current Steem blockchain by sowing FUD

The serious question would be: Can he destroy current Steem blockchain through the “integration” with Tron network, or not? If not, we just have to have exchange for our beloved coin and stop worrying :)

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a programmer!

Nice to see how people panicking.....
Hey guys, do you really think Justin will burn his own money??
How stupid is that? And one can say many things about Justin, but for sure he is not stupid.
so what? just relax and wait whats coming next....
I see it as a big chance for steem, just calm down

You have and still, have my vote for Witness buddy! I like that you keep people up to date with info and try to keep a level head. :D

If I can help you in some way, let me know.


A lot of pearl clutching has gone on in the last 72 hours. Everything I have heard from the Tron camp sounds like an upgrade from where we are now to me.

You make a very good point. Why on earth would he spend 10+ Million dollars to attack a token that is likely to survive anyway? What people don't realize is although it seems like Justin Sun is worth a lot of money, if he starts rapidly selling his tokens, the last 80% of them will be nearly worthless.

A Steemit/Tron partnership is a good word here, Ned cashed out and can do whatever he wants. Usually, the smaller company which was acquired does better, but this is blockchain. Wait and see.

They ate dinner a few weeks ago, Sun and the world's most famous value investor. Then suddenly Sun buys Steemit, what a coincidence!

You have my vote! In my opinion you bring a lot of value to the steem ecosystem. More than most actually.

I think that Justin had it in his mind that Steem was a token, it is not, it is a coin and that is where he is making the mistake at.

Vote for @aggroed now!

This is confusing as all hell.
There is absolutely no way I can say for certain what he is saying.
Steemit.com is open source. They run on Condenser. Steem isn't a token...right? It sounds like he's somehow modifying Steemit to run on TRON...but that would make no sense, because then it wouldn't be STEEMit.
Does he maybe mean that Steemit will have services running on TRON and maybe reward people in TRON as well?
Or, alternatively, does he mean that maybe they're going to work on running Steem on the TRON network somehow? Like integrate them together somehow?
FFS...someone get me a nerd that works for them and can tell me wtf he's telling them to do.

lets see how this goes. you till got my witness vote for sure.

Well it's gonna be sad if the Steemit/STEEM we know now will change or disappear into TRON or something. I'll just sit tight and watch what happens next. I just hope Justin helps develop Steemit into something great instead of changing it into something else entirely and puts TRON on top. That'd be sad if STEEM(it) isn't valued as much as it should be.

Nice analysis and I agree with most things.
Thanks for that.

I'm still 100% sure that Justin has no idea what he bought. And that makes me somehow nervous. My idea is that he bought steemit inc. after being told it has 1 million+ registered users (but not that there are perhaps 60k active users) and that sounds perfect.
Buying a platform with 1 million+ users makes it look cheap if you divide the price by the number of users.

Does he know about Steem, SBD, Steempower, Resouce Credits, etc., etc.?
I really don't think so.

I'm assuming Steemit might follow DLive's roadmap running 60-180 days behind. DLive's blockchain LINO is scheduled to shut down around April 15th. https://lino.network/2020/01/15/thank-you-for-this-amazing-journey-now-fasten-your-seatbelts/

Lol @ the reactions. Reckon LINO stakeholders didn't seem to take too kindly.


I think you are on the money tho

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