EPIC TRIPLE MILESTONE! Changing Jobs, 10k Followers, and 3k Witness Votes!

in steem •  9 months ago

Well, 2018 is already amazing. Some folks think the price is just pumping. I happen to think that the new stuff is getting priced in. That's in part because we're not just going up as a coin, but we're also rising faster than some of the other coins. I think 2018 is going to look pretty amazing.

Job Groundwork

So, I've had the conversation with my wife, my family, and now my job. Looks like I'll be transitioning to full time crypto work over the next few months. I like the educational company I work for. I may even try to help them create a vice like service for science education videos. I don't quite know what tomorrow holds. We'll figure out if I'm putting in a letter of resignation or simply walking tomorrow. Either way I'm prepared to spend a lot more time in crypto land. Obviously my first goal is to fulfill the charter of the Minnow Support Project: Spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, Grow the Steem ecosystem, and train and retain minnows on the platform.

I've also started backup witnesses on bitshares and peerplays. I'll eventually start one on EOS too. These are secondary projects, but it helps take some pressure off of me having to sell Steem to pay for my life so I can continue to delegate as much Steem as possible to MSP projects (especially msp-waves broadcast station). If you happen to be a part of either of those communities please consider voting for me as a witness there. As I have more time I'll see how I can provide useful tools and exposure for both of those communities and projects.


Honestly this could use it's own post, but I'm trying to get a lot of my life in order to move to crypto full time. So, I'll have to bundle this mega announcement with the others. I just hit 10,000 FOLLOWERS!!! BOOM. Outside of the follow for follow bot accounts I think there's only something like 30 accounts that have actually reached this milestone! It's a mega accomplishment. The fact that we have accounts like this is big for the platform. All I see is more growth and I'll continue to work on growing my following here on Steem and figuring out ways to attract other users here.

With the price having come up I think it's more attractive for youtubers to spend time here. I'm gonna do my best to recruit them. I have a YouTube forum on Jan 13 coming up. Should have around 5M subscribers represented as well as some Steem developers, whales, and audience. I think big things are coming here and I'm really looking forward to spearheading the steemification of social media.

3,000 Witness Votes!

This could also use it's own announcment. It's a pretty massive deal to me. When I leave the corporate world I'll reveal my legal name and face and what not. You'll see I've gotten 6,000 votes before in government elections. It's funny cause now that I'm woke there's no way I'd vote for that version of me, but I've been in politics. Frankly, I like it. I feel like through organization I can help a lot of people, but the key ingrediant that's missing in USG is the actual consent and volentaryism that a space like Steem actually affords.

As per usual thanks to my mega whales supporting me. I wouldn't be a top 8 witness without the Minnow Support Project and my digital family that lives there with me.

Thanks to the Minnow Support Witnesses:

@ausbitbank, @timcliff, @teamsteem, @followbtcnews, @swelker101, @drakos, @someguy123, @neoxian, @netuoso

Thanks to the witnesses that delegate in the thousands: @thecryptodrive, @lukestokes, @ausbitbank, @timcliff

Love to the moderator crew: @crimsonclad, @followbtcnews, @ausbitbank, @r0nd0n, @discordiant, @juliakponsford, @swelker101, @kubbyelizabeth, @ma1neevent, @stitchybitch, @rougebot, and @clayboyn.

We're about to break 7,000 Steemians in there, so it's hard to acknowledge all of them but folks like @torico, @artsygoddess, and @kristyyd are always around.

Much love to the Medal of Honor Winners of @netuoso, @crimsonclad, @followbtcnews, @r0nd0n, @ma1neevent, and our newest member @danielsaori.

Shoutout to @globocop for helping to keep the msp-waves station running!

I'm filled with gratitude

Thanks guys. Thanks for supporting me. I'll do my best to bring about positive change, and I'm so excited for 2018.

We're kicking ass! Let's keep it up!

And of course. Thanks to @kaylinart. I wouldn't be here if you had never given me a simple resteem. Much love to you and your family. I'm eternally grateful!

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Congrats, good for you! I just gave my letter of resignation to my boss this morning. I gave them 2 weeks and I too will be full time cryptocurrency trading & blogging.




like the attitude! got my support, followed and upvoted :)

You are a standing example of steemit accomplishments, keep it up. Great motivation for others like myself to work hard


So are you. I love posts like these when lots of the people i admire come out in support of each other.

Noce to read. I am also planning to quit my full time job and work crypto only in a few months. I am a developer and i have so many projects, income sources and ideas for future projects. Not to mention I am doing massively good with crypto investments. So i should do just fine. I am happy to read your success and i hope i will be posting my success stories on steemit as well soon.

We should be thanking you for all you do on here @aggroed.

I will have to check, I believe I voted for you on my witness list here..if not, I will certainly add you.

I have BTS, how do I vote for witnesses there? I never even thought about it. I guess I should check into it. I will definitely make you my first witness vote over there.

I love your peace, love, abundance message. I try to convey the same message in my posts. I speak of steem as a way to change the world. There are other projects I am involved in that also will have similar impact.

It is a very exciting time.

Thank you for all you do....

Congrats! Looks like your 2018 will be awesome 👏🏼 Hopefully you get to celebrate this super milestone. Congrats on the new job !!! Best wishes to you always 🤩

Congratulations bud! That is an epic threepeat feat 😎 Thanks for spreading the word and adding and attracting value to the site. Good luck with your new career plans 👍

I am so happy for your success here on Steemit

Pretty awesome post my friend. Congrats to you and thank you for showing others the way! I too, one day, would love to follow in your foot steps. I intend to and my day will come. Until then being apart of the community and working at it day by day is fulfilling enough as the goal has been set. Happy New Year to you and thank you once more..........

Thanks to you too for being one of the good guys. Though its scary now, Im sure your new path will lead to success for you and your family, and perhaps more importantly for you personally, fulfillment.? Best wishes and thanks again.

Congratulations to you for this great achievement, you deserve all the love and support your getting, you have used your project to improve the life of many in steemit. You have devoted your time and energy to grow steemit community by encouraging and supporting minnows. Thank you for your generosity. We are proud of you.

I haven't been here long and your Christmas Scavenger Hunt was my introduction to you, and I'm really glad I found you. As a minnow, my goal on Steemit is to grow bigger in 2018 and give back to the incredible PAL support group. So glad for you that things are going your way, let's make the absolute best out of 2018 and make it one hell of a year. Would love to shake hands with you if we could both make it to the next Steemfest! - Jonathan

I am so happy for you! This is well deserved! Congratulations! Wishing everyone the very best of health and happiness! Steemit Community is the best of the best! Positive Energy! Light and Love! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

Glad that you are now into crypto full time... I surely aspire to devote more of my time with crypto and to some decentralized projects. I am still in the process of where I have to work 9 to 5 so I can put a little portion of my earnings or whatever I can afford to invest in my favorite coins especially EOS. Looking forward that I can make that wait shorter but at the moment I am content to whatever I can. Looking forward to also achieve the same dream job like yours, so that I don't grind but just breathe to live the life I want.
Anyway CONGRATS! Hope to see more of your success and looking forward to your posts that celebrate the life you deserve.

Congrats @aggroed! You've got some fantastic accomplishments going for you, my friend. Cheers to a Steem-powered 2018!

Good on you - 10k followers is quite an achievement!

Congrats on the new job !!! Best wishes to you always :)

Congratulations @aggroed, i believe there are more grounds to cover this year

This is perfect for the soon to release Smart Media Tokens, the more people that could get STEEM the better the ecosystem will run! Thanks for this!

Nice job! This is the prosperity of voluntary abundance networks. Keep on flowing and may all you require flow to you.

❤This is an excellent happy me for you sir. :D

thats good for you,, and thanks for sharing this info.
I wish we all could follow your road and make 2018 our life changing year

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good man😍😍

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Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Your sure set up a good goal I want to eventual get to, it is hard to balance work, family and the crypto universe in Our daily lives. This can be life changer, rock on!

nice blog sir
your thinking is so high sir
i like it sir
have a nice day

Great year in sight. I'm relatively new on this platform, but seeing someone get as far as you got kind of enables to set higher goals for my 2018.

I'm also looking forward to investing more money into the coin, and thus the platform. I'm wondering tho, if I power up let's say a $100 worth of Steem, and Steem gains 50%, will powering down get me my initial investment back or the initial investment + the 50% profit?

Anyways, Dope year coming up for all of us! Keep up the good work!


You get 1 steem for every steem power


Dope, thanks a lot for the info

Happy for you. I'm sure you put many hundreds and hundreds of hours into this platform if not more and It seems to be paying off nicely. I willing to bet you will have more opportunities come your way this next year on Steemit and in Cryptoland than the previous 10 years working a regular job.

It is a brilliant thing I have radiant, O leader
Greetings to you from my heart bro. @aggroed

Very valuable information that we all must know and take into account to interact and participate optimally in the community, as the witness vote. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Thanks for this post, also i would like to learn more aboyt how to be in a big community to support your guys and get supported, this land is so extended that need to study a lot about this in all scenearies, thabks again and I will follow you to learn from you ;)

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Your thought is wonderful sir..It's a great article for Steemit users.Thank you so much.. @aggroed

I would love to be in a position to quite my day time job too and so STEEM full-time but I am very much a novice and have tons to learn before that even becomes a remote possibility. Congradulations on your up-comming life transitions.

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Congrats on the milestones. You’ve been a huge help to so many minnows it’s a well deserved achievement.

Price wise I think Steem might be overinflated given it’s valuation being above that of reddit. That said I also think crypto as a whole is overinflated, given which Steem’s price makes sense.

Congratulations 2018 is going to be great.

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Congrats mate! Love to read blogs about people leave the Rat Race of 9-5 and do what you love full time

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That is amazing achievement, i will learn a lot from your experience.
Regards from Aceh.

Good for you aggroed! You are one of the best users on steemit, truly a pilar of this community!

All the best for you!

glad to hear. dont stress yourself too much. what you have been doing so far cannot be that wrong, otherwise you wouldnt be where you are right now. if you stay true to yourself and follow your path (wherever it may lead you;) ), you should be successful in what you are doing.
as you stated it yourself: we're kicking ass! let's keep it up!

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Congrats to all the great achievements that are clearly the fruit of what you put into Steem and MSP! It's an inspiration to us all.

Just to correct the record, I am not an Medal of Honor winner... :)

Wishing everyone great success in 2018!

Congratulations... I am one of your Votes for Witness.


congrats dear friend
Nice post dear and it is rewarded so enjoy the reward
i followed you so pls vote back on

Congrats with all three milestones, @aggroed!

Good post

Please,read this. I want to improve the community steemit. Must read my last post,and if you want more see my blog and pictures. I want to help impruve community steemin. I beliave what we all can make this.

Hey, good luck with quitting regular paid work, and thanks for all the work you do with MSP - that and @curie are the two things that's kept me going on here....

Cheers! And Happy New Year!

Congrats! It's a real pleasure to know you and work with you in the creation a of peaceful, abundant and free world!

Congrats on your huge following. Traditional politics looks a bit different after being on here for a while. It changes ones perspective to the better, I think. Best of luck with your decision.

It is amazing to have followed your progress here on Steemit and it is a pleasure to be part of MSP. Best of luck with your new adventures and your freedom as a full-time "crypto guy". :)