Cheerleading for Steemit!!! Nearing 1M accounts and we need to make some noise!!!

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Hey guys, Aggroed here. Time to level with you just a second. We have giant news that's coming on the horizon. I mean this shit's epic and I'm hoping the platform chooses to rally around this!!!


Welcome to the platform @crumpledsolemn. You're the 995,1768th account to get created on the Steem blockchain! Now, I don't know what the rest of you think but that's awfully fucking close to 1 MILLION accounts!!! Do you know what that kind of news could do for us? Well, it depends on you!

Personally, I think we should all make a stink about it and post articles about it everywhere. Let's make sure the whole fucking internet knows what's going on. Steem is on the rise, we're taking over social media, and all the poor bastards getting demonitized on Youtube, shadow banned on Twitter, threads removed on Reddit, and jailed on Facebook can come here, post, tell a story, and not get booted off the platform for an uncomfortable statement.

Moore's law

One of the reasons I think this is a big deal is Moore's law. This is taken from

Maybe you're a common core millenial and can't do the math. Proportional to the square of users means the following. If we double the number of users we're quadrupling the price. Obviously there are some other things in play like where's the price of bitcoin at, but the main thing is that as more and more people use this platform the value goes up. So, what do I want you to do? Tell some people about the rise of Steem.

Tell people you made some money here.

Tell people you made some friends in PALnet.

Tell people you didn't get kicked off the platform for sharing an image people didn't like.

Tell people how you can cash it out.

Tell people how a few of your votes can feed a Venezuelan artist for a month.

You can tell people about the Drama too. Frankly sometimes that's entertaining too.

But as you tell your friends and get others to sign up the value of the token goes higher, the overall rewards on posts goes higher, and more people want to join, and it creates a positive upward cycle.

So, put on the cheerleader costume you have from a few Halloween's ago, you should probably get it laundered because even you don't remember what you were doing that night, and once it's clean put it on and get some posts about the big news.

60k daily active accounts!

If you don't look at @penguinpablo's posts every now and again there is one that I would strongly recommend. It's a daily Steem stats report. He's always dropping knowledge about what's going on the block based on the numbers. My favorite value is active accounts. These are accounts that are doing something on the blockchain each day. We're swimming around 60k right now. At some point, and it's hopefully once we cross the 1M account mark, we'll go through another level up process and we'll jump from 60--> 80k or 100k or 120k. As we do that we'll have many more people hoping to own and hold steem. They are going to drive up the price. They are going to make post rewards higher. These new buddies are going to help us all moon.


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facebook have lots of issues with regard to users privacy and censorship , no doubt about it facebook users will jump to steemit not only for privacy and security but it also rewards people who engaged in the platform.

Steem is the future, no doubt on that.

Hello I am a woman who is interested in living in Korea and bit coin

Well, such a good news

Good idea and a great message. I'm so tired of having every little issue we have discussed in such hyperbolic ways.

I am not sure how it's so hyperbolic, if anything the 'hype' post or hyperbolic.

and define "little" because most of the glaring issues are far from contained or small.

Nice to see us approach 1 million ! Let’s get ready to shoot for 10 million!

This was great! we really have future in steemit. Campaigns and meetups were now in global scale plus @ned travels from country to country to promote steemit. Im so excited on what steemit will bring us in the future. wooHHoooO :)

I think noise is not loud enough. Because social media networks, that have no benefits for there users are still growing.

We need to make the noise deafening. Long live

I agree! 1 million users is a big deal! The next million is going to do amazing things to the price! Got to be here for the long game but this milestone is worthy of celebration! Thanks for the share!

Didn't one of the witnesses find out several weeks back that possibly somebody from within steemit was spam creating accounts?

Was that resolved?

that's been an issue from day one with the faucet. That's why I like tracking active accounts per day rather than total accounts, but that said 1M accounts total is a bid deal!

The News we all have been waiting for.... @aggroed always bringing the right news at the right time. I am off to being a steem cheerleader!


I am trying to do my part to get the word out. I had this banner made to take to events I vend at. I even now have on my business cards.

20180503_183511.jpg that is @charisma777 pictured in the photo she helped me at this event.

she looks really bored

We were waiting to open. Didn't take long to set up and we had been waiting for about an hour for the doors to open lol I should have told her to pose and look excited for the shot lol

This is great!Thank you for doing it! When I drive UBER I always talk about Steemit to everyone,I believe many of my riders already registered.

I been targeting artists a lot. But I do talk about it to a lot of people. I got a friend who does memorial rocks I been trying to get him over here to show off his work. Told him if he did a STEEM logo rock people would go nuts over here for it. Like seriously these rocks are bad ass that he creates. It could really help his business, not just the photos of the rocks but reaching out to a whole new customer base of crypto users. I think I nearly have him convinced to check it out.
I am amazed that so many people have to be convinced to check out the site. They are sharing for free every place else, and here they could make some rewards, but they still wait to come because they just don't believe it, even when they see you are making money. The world and it's people can be a funny place sometimes. But it will go mainstream and when it does those who knew about it and waited will be kicking themselves in the ass.

I would say,based on my own experiences, 50% of the people are very interested in the platform,the other 50% is still skeptical,but those are the ones who feel safe living in the Matrix,if you know what I mean.Those folks will need like 5-7 years to catch up. I call this the herd mentality, " I will do it when everybody else is doing it".

Wow, that is great news. Will there be a party at 1 Mil mark?

There might be. I am just disappointed in the only 60k active accounts.

We've been working so hard. It's great to see our dreams finally becoming reality, means we have to work even harder.

Every day we grow stronger. I have been telling everyone I know in photography and entertainment to get on board for the ride of a lifetime.

The daily active and churn rate are a lot more intriguing numbers than total accounts, especially how easily spammers can generate plenty of blanks.

mayne.. that's still 4824 accounts to go...

I like steemit because there is a lot less trolling on this platform than on any other. It is a nice place to be.

Yes, people don't make tons like someone on trending so they bail and go back to where they get paid nothing. Most of us that don't grace the trending page and have been here for a long time don't even look at the trending page.

The monetary incentive does tend to deter trolls.

Tell people you didn't get kicked off the platform for sharing an image people didn't like.

Tell people how you can cash it out.

Tell people how a few of your votes can feed a Venezuelan artist for a month.

Then try to explain to people why they have to wait 1-2 weeks to get an account :-P

That's a lot of accounts that are inactive!

Why do people put so much value on round numbers?

What if I feel like using Hexadecimal? I won't cheer until we hit FFF,FFF users.

Ha ha its just human nature... you won't get any traction with your hexadecimal!

damn yous unit bias

0b11110100001001000000 or bust.

Likes / dislikes instead of upvoting, replace upvoting with tipping! That will be huge

These numbers show that from all created accounts only 6% are active users. Hopefully something will happen soon to motivate the other 94% to come back and stay active.

It's really a matter of time before it happens well you bringing the update is so sweet, I don't know what @ned has been up to lately but I think the success of what he's doing will be a fantastic news to go with the milestone of 1 million

Does this report or 1 million account created include bots?

I only heard of this "Steemit" in like mid MArch or so. I have written like 10 posts now with no upvotes, however I think its a wonderful platform opportunity for everybody out in the world who wants or has wanted to to express their opinions about whatever is vibrating through their spirit and soul.....and well here is central to whoever resonates with it will respond or perhaps upvote your piece, your article and your thoughts....I just was a bit intimidated in my first month when i was on here looking at trending posts and seeing all the people writing on crypto, steem, and all materialistic stuff that I didn't have time to really absorb because it meant nothing to....I couldn't even get my head around it and to think that these trending posts were getting like 4 and 500 or even over 1000 upvotes was beyond me....But hey am showing compassion...each to their own....bliss for upvotes i get and I shall carry on slowly step by step...Am not in a race, I can post, comment, resteem or whatever whenever I feel like it. PERSERVERANCE is the Key to success here thoughg while I continue to learn more about tips and tactics to increase my reputation.

WOW! Great news!

Steemit is going to take over all other centralized social media. It would be more fun when Steemit becomes number 1 social media!

WHY do you need 10 accounts?

RATHER donate to starving African kids like me instead of cheerleading for some campaign that needs more accounts. ☹️💔

Just caught this on my feed. WooooooHooooooo!!!! Upvoted! Great stuff man. I was interested in your post for the reading. Good tips of info

More people will join steem

🙋 🙋 HELLO my friend @aggroed how are you, I hope that well and that your days are full of prosperity and good intentions, is very good this post I liked a lot and the shared image is excellent, very good and great post friend, you can count on my vote ,. no more nothing to say I say goodbye with this cordial greeting from his friend forever @manduto 👋 👋 👋
(sorry for my bad english, I only use the google translator, and this changes me some words

Thanks for the good news!!! I will telling everyone I know about Steemit and promote the positive message that is steemit and it community.

That's pretty cool. I wonder how many are real people and not justs bots and sock puppets. Don't mean to take away from this mile stone but I would love to see the stats.

You have a very good idea my friend.

yes i is great it is very nice step toward steemit @aggroed

Despite the feuding of a few influential accounts, I've seen some really positive stuff around here these last few weeks. I'm excited for the future - I think it will be bright!

Yea...but how do we tell the world about Steemit when we still have people using upvote bots to get "trending" and making big dollars for total crap content? I can't really, in good conscience and with a straight face, recommend the place until we get that cleaned up, and until these abusers can't destroy others just for complaining about how unfair their activity is to the rest of us, and how deadly it is for the reputation of the entire community and our future.

Joined April 2018, already starts complaining. Why u mad when you can make some money.

Because, I want ALL WORTHY STEEMIANS to have the opportunity to make some money, and for the world to no longer perceive of this as being nothing but an elaborate pyramid, which, at present, is pretty hard to dispute. You call it "complain." I call it working for what is right, just and fair.

Dude? Really? Just be more positive man, steem can do so much for you it you get past the start up problems!! I am sorry for my mood, but so much complaining going on on steemit the past weeks!!
Have a nice, I have send you steem dollar, use it, hold it, give it away. Just be positive haha!!
Saw you speaking polish were do you come from?, are friend of mine is polish too!

Hoping account-based voting, SMTs and the new tech/protocols coming down the pike continue this trend.

This is truly incredible news! It's mindblowing to know that we are all the early adopters of Steemit. Just picture we reach to the point where we have 100s of millions of users on this platform. As early adopters, it's important for us to market Steemit and spread the word as much as possible to grow! We also have the responsibility of helping new Steemians so they have a great impression of the platform.

Overall, Steem is amazing and I definitely see us reaching above 10 million by the end of this year.

NED being on Bloomberg was great exposure for the platform and hopefully, he is on a lot more highly reputable outlets!


nice to see this writing @Aggroed

I must say that for a new user of Steemit (compared to the people who make a great success anyways) and for not having so much free time lately, I have actually exposed quite a few people to Steemit.

I think I have caused the creation of around... 6 accounts and have told many many more people about it. I think at least one of those guys has been recruiting more people into the fold. haha.

Once this moon point is reached and my position in the Steemit ecosystem is more solid, perhaps I will earn enough that I will be able to do even more promotion of the platform and the blockchain.

Time will tell.

Woohoo! My wife just joined (@chazzie-leigh) I've started a vlog on here and things are going great, I keep telling my friends "facebook is dead, come to steemit!" I'm going to even start posting how much STEEM I'm getting on steemit.

Woohoo! My wife just joined (@chazzie-leigh) I've started a vlog on here and things are going great, I keep telling my friends "facebook is dead, come to steemit!" I'm going to even start posting how much STEEM I'm getting on steemit.

Woohoo! My wife just joined (@chazzie-leigh) I've started a vlog on here and things are going great, I keep telling my friends "facebook is dead, come to steemit!" I'm going to even start posting how much STEEM I'm getting on steemit.

I hope more people come here and stay. Everyone I brought here quit

This is great! Thanks @aggroed for the news. This is great, although I wish I started doing giveaways earlier

Thats good news! But we shouldnt forget the that many users have duplicate accounts. We have many spammers and hackers as well. Some users have a bout 20 accounts (for example: maria1, maria2, maria3...)
And when we look at all the situation here we find 25% active users and the rest are not active or bots :(

If we double the number of users, we are quadrupling the price. Obviously, there are other things at stake such as where the bitcoin price is, but the main thing is that as more and more people use this platform, the value increases. So, what do I want you to do? Tell some people about Steem's promotion.

This seems an important fact, like not wanting the price to go up? this is an easy task for those of us who are on this platform, in my country we have grown in great shape, so very soon we will be celebrating the 1 millionth account!

Well to be frank, I would have thought we would have gone past that by now, based on my accounts number, when I signed up. Hopefully, we will see more people adopting it

Congratulations boss.... Niecewfdort you have really put on steemit

Upvoted. Yes. Agreed. Bought a plane ticket with Steem in 2017. Made the money on this website, Steemit, here, and bought a plane ticket with some of that. Almost a million users here means accelerated growth as seen through that Moore Law you talked about. We can all write and sing Steemit Songs and we can make memes and parodies and posts and poetry and GIFs and photos and stories and advice and links and files and projects and bit torrent things and many things and we can continue doing this, these things, if we are already doing these things already and I am Oatmeal and I talked about Steemit and how I make money here, there, in a Facebook Live video yesterday. I like post. Thanks for talking about this. I encourage all of us to talk about these things more and more. Thanks.

Its crazy how much its grown even since I started using the eSteem app in March I know no one on here and have managed to at least gain somewhat of a following strictly by commenting and posting. Everyone I tell about it loves the idea and that's by far what is most important this isnt just used ti voice dumbass opinions or to tell your mom happy mothers day its an educated and intelligent following.

Love to have as much influence as possilble. This community is amazing and im so happy to now be apart of it

Greetings Profe, I love this application @penguinpablo, that gives you very detailed numbers of what happens on the page. A few days ago I made the same comment that you said we need to promote more and better steemit.

The term would be to market it. But I get daily in Venezuela that those who use the page are afraid to promote it and bring more people, because they think that if many know it soon they will close it as it has happened in other platforms in the past. When the thing goes well they close it and everything gained is lost.

I tell you that steemit is different but it is slow and hard. Also the account registration sometimes takes a long time and many times the users lose the first password and do not have another phone or account to register again.

They are nonsense but in addition they also give numbers and also negative synergies. I am a steemit militant since I met the ecosystem and I think we must attack on several fronts:
1.- The first incentive for people to vote. It is not possible for people to see and sometimes comment but keep the 10 votes they may have daily and not give it to anyone.

It's sad that, it's like the human misery that we lead to costs and that we must get rid of it if we really understand that the only way to grow is to give ...

a hug and we will all be ready to celebrate in big the Billion one.


What good news, diffundemolas and reach a large number of people

maybe @ned could talk about that on TV instead of how the content here is apparently subpar

I am proud to be a member of this wonderful platformimages.jpegIMG_20180514_021808_169.jpg

Resteemed and upvoted.If Steemit takes over,I believe it will change the world.( free flow of information,100% transparency etc.)

This is very cool and interesting.

Wow that's a lot of accounts.

Lemme check on penguinpablo.

I'm just watching Steemit platform in awe and I'm starting to believe that STEEM is a bigger revolution than Bitcoin is.

It's a nice job.

I simply love cheerleader i enjoy them more than the sports

hmmm excellent

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i guess everyone should read this fine post so cool for everyone

Kudos to steemit
Up we go

That's some good news for all. But I also hear there a few people with multiple accounts too, all adding up to the numbers.

That is serious news there dude! but uhhh less than 5000 accounts to go. that could even be tomorrow then right? sometimes more than 10.000 accounts are approved today right?

yeah tell people, i was just trying yesterday to reel a blogger in that i know with awesome pictures.. we should spread it!

I remember when Facebook hit 1 000 000. It was only in a few colleges and I was in one of those colleges at the time. I was still on MySpace... Does anyone remember MySpace? Hopefully in the next 10 years we'll be asking if anyone remembers Facebook. Long Live Steem! :)

It is good news that we are approaching 1million viewers -and glad that you spoke about how many active/inactive users there are on Steem - a bit of a problem for me. I guess with increased coverage and edcuation more people will stay.

Wow this is awesome
Hip hip hurry

I asked my new colleagues to signup and voteup for my technical post serials.

I heard there was only 157 active account though

Hello @aggroed I am very enthusiastic when just started Steemit account today and found the post is in Trending. I love the spirit atmosphere here. Greetings from Indonesia

I was telling my friends back then when steem was 10 cents and they were laughing at me and call me stupid. I'm not doing that anymore. I don't see them much because I'm busy traveling.

Boom! Yeah trafalgar had the right idea at 7 cents. I wish I wasn't such a fool at the time...

make some noise for desi boyz...
you really so much beutiful...
60 k daily active acount i think its good platform

I like it

I like it

Definitely GREAT News!! I'm with you on rallying around this community and incredible platform. Here's to 1 million by the end of this week!! 🙌🏻

That's great news. Hopefully steem. I will take off like a rocket.

I love sharing the good news about Steemit on my Twitter account. I think that between social media, Google and word of mouth, I'm bringing new users onto the platform. I've also created two new series to help new people find the best content creators and help them grow on Steemit. To the Moon baby!


Making a post now fam. Let's spread the word and grow!

I'll make one up real quick that'll really resonate well with my friends.

Great idea!

A million Steemers is a huge deal. Let’s all try to get this trending! I resteemed this article!!!

Great news for Steemit keep up the good work everyone! 🐓🐓

Great going into 1M! Hope this elevates the whole platform so that everyone benefits. I see some comments that bring up the issue of a small group truly getting the most out of this growth but I really believe it is all about good content promotion...

facebook have lots of issues with regard to users privacy and censorship , no doubt about it facebook users will jump to steemit not only for privacy and security but it also rewards people who engaged in the platform.

i think more people joining is going to make us all benefit

Steem is the future, no doubt on that.

steemit has an awesome future and together many of us will make it great. But making noise about 1 million registered users when the churn rate for q1 was greater than the rate of registrations is a bad move. Actually I'd put it out there with Jerry's style of marketing. Disappointing really! By the way, we have had 60 thousand daily users all year....the number ain't going anywhere.

Thanks for sharing. Very insightful

Im the 5th follower of @crampledsolemn.
I wanna be awesome like you too @aggroed

tipuvote! 1 :)

Great post and some really good points mentioned here, resteemed for more people to see...

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lol i'm the member number 891,069 :joy:

The number of users grow exponentially. I just hope they do not end up being abandoned accounts with an SP delegation from Steemit. that will never be used at all.

offtopic: @tombstone it's there! One of the first whales that is still alive, congratulations ♥ It is an honor for this humble project.

Good news, good research , Bro.
Steemit , lets go! I am bringing people in from Germany to Jamaica ;)
Ciao Babylon!

very good job ! Keep it up !

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