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RE: Introducing TOP 👍 or 👎 FLOP community | Thoughts on TRON | Why we need SMT's | #NEUTRALSTEEM | Fork

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Welcome to the new groups-universe. As you are a impotant part of the good old Guild #deutsch, dear @twinner, I always follow you and of course your new Community too. I'm in and have already spend my first vote into this new group.

Your thoughts about the new Moon in the Steem-sky are quite reasonable and near to my own thoughts. TRX comes along like a real shitcoin. But it seems, its project Tron has a attended standing in the cryptpscene. But I would never, never change my STEEM into any TRX. Oh never! The STEEM is a gem like its blockchain. I would never leave my stake into other fingers than mine!
Thank you for your statement.


After 20 years of Java I installed a C++ IDE again and downloaded the steemd code from github. I coded C++ for 5 years in my first job, so I hope it won't be that bad if the core devs leave us. And behind the scenes there are several OG's in "Hab acht" position. So if the moon wants to bust our balls, it's gonna be a fun party.

Glad to read you! Great news, @twinner. Specially the part with the balls of the Steembulls is great and any celebration of a party is fun pure.

The only thing I dream about is as follows:

Justin is a wizard and will lift the mcap of steem to the mcap of tron.


I have to lookup the mcap of Tron. Hold on…
$1.346.238.903 USD. holy shit!
78.078.359 USD is STEEM plus 5.740.561 USD in SBD. Poor blockchain.
But we must not get blind by USD. You know how fast the invests are, on every blockchain, even the Bitcoin. We have still 13 weeks, don't forget. Our invests are first quality-invests, dear freiheit50.