I think we can now buy stuff on Overstock using Steem

in steem •  last year

Overstock was one of the first online retailers to enable payment by Bitcoin.

They've now announced a partnership with Shapeshift, allowing users to pay using altcoins via Shapeshift's API:

image source

Here is Shapeshift's announcement:


And here is Fortune saying you should be able to pay with about 40 alts:


As Steem is on the Shapeshift API, I presume we should be able to use the new service to buy stuff on Overstock with Steem.

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steemit to the moon! also down with facebook!

Very interesting... I've heard of shapeshift but haven't actually looked at it. However, I'd have to think that it would be a great boost to cryptos overall to be part of a network that can be used for daily commercial transactions... a big step towards "mainstreaming."