ADSactly on @spinbot !

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ADSactly on @spinbot !

A friendly upvote bot @spinbot recently came into existence. It differs from all other bots by the fact that one doesn't buy upvotes but rather feeds the little guy with gifts. Spinny doesn't create substantial profits like other upvote bots but rather receives a quite modest income which is used for paying the expenses and further powering up. Spinny is spreading love and happiness all over this wonderful Steemit community.


The ADSactly society recognized this project as a great opportunity for a joint venture and decided to put the flow of life into Spinny by means of a substantial delegation. @spinbot provides help for ADSactly minnow members as well as for everyone else who wants to feed Spinny. All Steemians are very welcome to feed Spinny and participate in this fun project that will provide upvotes and Spinny's love.

@spinbot upvotes ten times per day and rewards a random feeder for just under 3$! The more one feeds Spinny, the greater are the chances of receiving a daily upvote.

Spinny also has a website:, where you can track your gifts to Spinny and see who Spinny's top providers are.

BUT! That is not all! The greatest thing about Spinny is: he remembers everyone who ever fed him, and also upvotes twice a week regardless of if someone was kind enough to gift Spinny with 100$ or 1$. Sundays and Wednesdays are the days! :)

Luck is not a random thing! Take advantage of this fun opportunity. The minimum gift is only 1$ or 1STEEM!

@spinbot is powered by @adsactly !

Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources for various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

Go Adsactly


Thank you for this nice project. It is nice to see the creation of new generation of voting Bots which are not only focused on the profit but there also to help authors.

Spinbot is definitely a revolutionary bot providing awesome fun. I think Steemit was in deep need of a fair bot that doesn't sell votes.

I will continue to look closely to all the projects that @ADSactly is providing to us. Thank you again to all your team for the work you are accomplishing daily !

Thanks for the information @adsactly
, it's a great idea to feed the bot, all of a sudden he will someday be grateful to me :)

hungry bot yes :)

Amazing initiative thank you so much :)
@spinbot will be HUUGE :)

nice wishes for me :) thank you!

wow ... amazing, the new breakthrough from vendors to be utilized by global steemi community, very useful and worth trying

yes yes, feed me I'm supercool :)

Wow. This is really good

nice post, well it's great to hear about @spinbot and it looks quite promising to me, feeding the bot and it randomly gives benefits to all of his feeders that's fantastic development.

yes yes, they made me so awesomely!

Great. Your every post are useful

A very interesting idea

The logo looks like google chromes logo in a way, i thought it was that wen i was scrolling lol

That's awesome! Great to hear that you're enjoying the platform. Best of luck!Thanks for sharing

yes feed me :P :D

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