5 This Parents Behavior Causes Children to Be Naughty

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naughty children

Children do tend to have bad behaviors like fussy, mischievous and often defiant.
Actually no problem if you let the child active, but Moms need to give understanding that he can not act as he pleased.
Apparently, there are many things that Moms often do and cause a bad boy.
Do not let Moms repeat these things huh.

  1. Directly react
    The first step that Moms need to do is not directly react when the child does something bad.
    During this time many parents tend to react immediately and usually negative reactions such as anger.
    Whereas bad behavior of children is usually only way to seek attention.
    Keep calm and silent, he will feel that he will silently solve the problem.
    So, give a good example for Little One.

  2. Labeling the child
    One of the mistakes often done by
    the parent is labeling.
    Moms often think children have bad habits such as a crybab or child
    Positive tone and positive impulse will help him to repel such bad behavior.
    When children do naughty things like making messy rooms, Moms need to encourage them to be able to clean up themselves.

  3. Do not be an example
    If Moms want to have children behave well, of course Moms need to give an idea to the little how to behave properly.
    At the age of 4 to 5 years, children still do not understand what is good and not.
    So when something happens to make things that the Little Person should be doing.
    For example when Moms angry, do not often give bad examples such as rude.
    This will make the child follow the habit of getting angry.

4.Didn't care about the child's feelings
Children behave badly caused by many things.
It could be something that children can not express so that makes it tend to get rid of it with bad things.
For that, it's good Moms slightly open to the feelings of children.
Moms need to understand what the child feels and help him solve the problems he experienced.

5.Inconsistent with rules
Usually Moms will make general rules like limit television watching.
The child will behave better if he experiences this consistently.
Do not let the rules change and make the child feel that they're breaking the rules
is a legitimate.


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