How can I get upvotes worth $100 for my Steemit post?

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Nice question!!

Steemit is not just a platform whereby you just post and expect the dollar($) to start counting 1,2,3,4,5........). No you really need some hardwork.

Now let me give you some breakthrough that will enable you earn if lucky you can earn more than just what you expected like your target ($100)

Let start looking at it from the instance of:

* How you start steemit:

Based on how you start with your steemit account, even if you know people that will help you steemit grow that doesnt signify that you have known everyone because the steemit platform is a large one akk round the world. Your earning should start by let people know that you have arrived in steemit. You should first of all read posts on steemit and try to give some point with your comments and upvote. People will notice your contribution and follow you. (Minnows will follow, experts on steemit will follow, influencial people on steemit will follow you and more people) with that it will be as if you are creating more and more customers for your self in the perspective of business. So with this any drop of your post (quality) those calibres of people like i mention will upvote and also contribute to your post. So your post keep earning and earning. If possible you might even surpass your target($100)..

*Your introductory post:

This is an aspect that will make you earn more. I am sure that if you read intro post 70% of those posts always past the upvote of ($1.00). That will be reminding you that they are people out there which their upvote is up for million. If each person who upvoted your intro post has voting power of ($1.50) each, now imaging you have people about 30 with that upvote weight or more. You might even surpass your target.

So what am i trying to insulnate. I am trying to tell you that your introduction post (quality) matters a lot, if you can try to have a very good quality of introduction post that will pass message to people and also touch their emotion. I bet you they will follow you and love to always read your post. They will upvote and your earn more and more. You might even earn past your target ($100).

*Your post:

Your post can determine your earnings. Since you are the person targeting ($100). That is left to how you put down your post such as its



*Messages passed

*How informative

*Free from plagiariasm

*Benefit to people

* How seen by people (like i said this is based on your followers and how they also resteem your post)

* Grammatically okay and understandable.

* and many more....

I bet you if your post have all this mentioned you will reach your target ($100) and even surpass it.

* Your reputation: like you know in a society for someone to be respected it depends on his or her reputation, the same applies to steemit. If you are wanting to meet your target ($100) and even surpass it. Your reputation on steemit mostly matters too.

*and lastly, another way is of paying bots to perform (resteem, upvotes) but for me it is not advisable. All you need is hardwork.

Conclusively, the idea of you making the targeted amount ($100) on steemit is not by anything else than procedures mentioned, no trick, no fraud and nothing else than following procedures and protocols been mentioned by me and also other people who will give you more answers.

Thanks for reading!!

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A lot of it is to be active. Post, comment, build connections. The main reasons that people give out big votes are for spectacular content or because they already know you. They best way to achieve both of these things is to be active and increase your circle. That way when you do write good content there are people there who will read it and value it.

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