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With the significant increase in the Steem price lately I’ve been seeing a lot of positive energy on the blockchain. That’s to be expected right? Who doesn’t like a price increase? It’s been nearly two years now since Steem began the great decline in price which saw it lose 90% of its value.

The long winter claimed a lot of victims; daps, projects, content creators and consumers. Not even STINC itself was exempt from the effect of the long brutal crypto winter.

The recent bullish energy on the blockchain represents some kind of hope I suppose. Could this be the return to the glory days?

I can’t say if it is the return, but it sure feels nice. I said on Twitter that if we keep going at this rate, I may well reach my dollar cost average by the month end. That would feel amazing - to finally be back in the black after such a sustained winter.


Through all this though, many Steemians have stayed strong and kept at it. From the developers that saw the potential and kept building, to the high stake investors that kept the fire burning, and the unrelenting content creators posting nearly daily.


Now that we appear to be gearing up for a bull run, fingers crossed, we are going to start seeing the inevitable return of some of those that have left. As the upvote becomes viable again, there will be “OMG I’m back! How’s everyone doing? I’ve missed you” posts. You wait and see.


I’ve seen some discussion about how we, the ones that stayed, are going to react to the returnees. Especially those that earned a lot from the platform when the times where good, but just abandoned us during the low times.

If you ask me, I think many of them will return and attract the big upvotes again, immediately, like they used to. This is partially due to the fact that many of those upvotes were automatic from the likes of @kpine and @thejohalfiles, and more than likely still exist in SteemAuto or where ever they set them up. Also, the upvotes will come because, truth be told, many of them are amazing content creators! If we’re being fair, then great content should attract good upvotes - regardless of the creator right?

Understandably, though, this is going to annoy a lot of the loyal Steemians that feel they’ve been here grinding away during the low times. Especially if they haven’t been getting curated as much as they feel they deserve. To then have the same old folk that have shown that they don’t truly “believe in Steem” return and get all the large upvotes - that’s got to hurt.

Personally, I don’t mind at all. I think we need more users - old or new. It’s also up to the curators to curate whomever thy want.


I predict we are going to see a new type of flagging when this happens. We are going to see these returnees downvoted by some of the disgruntled Steem loyalists when they get the big upvotes. This is going to be a bit of a thing on here. You wait and see.


I also predict a lot of confusion on the part of the returnees. See, a lot of things have changed since they left. Buying votes for instance, has become socially discouraged, but they don’t know that do they? We are going to see a surge in vote buying, followed by epic flagging hahaha. People are going to throw their toys out of their prams, whining and crying about being unfairly treated. I’m getting my bowl of popcorn ready for that time :)

How will you feel if someone that abandoned Steem and maybe even spoke badly about Steem out there, suddenly returns in the next bull run and starts getting the auto whale support again 😀?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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Now this is interesting... I published a little freewrite on the same topic earlier today where I also predict a lot of the "I am back" posts (I have already seen some of these actually :D) but haven´t really thought of the possibility that some of those who left us when the times were hard might be still getting some significant (automatic) support when they decide to return. How to approach that? Wow, I don´t know :D Let me see how annoying and undeserved I will find it :D Anyway, I am glad there are so many of us who have been here all the time, keeping the blockchain alive. And bro, you have been really good at this discipline btw ;)

We are part of the collective consciousness. It's going to be interesting indeed haha. Thanks.

Yay for good news. It’s high time. And yes, I would love to see the return of some prodigal Steemians. Even though we will all be tempted to call them fair weather friends and day “I told you so,” we must welcome them back with open arms!

I agree :) . Not many do though haha.

I'll be damned if we don't see a few of these. Can't wait to see the leeches :D

Hehehe. It should be funny. I'd love to see people back here. It was a lot of fun back then :)

Ha. I think my issue will be about the votes they automatically get, not that they’ve “returned”. Their departure is a reflection of their belief in the platform, which doesn’t affect mine. I think I will join the voting game because I have an ability and right to do so, and I may even petition some votes for my cause as well. Needless to say, I will also use them for my curation efforts — as a vote’s a vote. If I expect to earn some, I’ll vote as well. Maybe I’ll comment on their content too, so I demonstrate that there’s more than one side to my decisions.

Hmm. Interesting and balanced response. I do understand how unfair it feels. It's actually happened before, kind of, on Dtube when some people upped and left, then returned after months and immediately started getting the much coveted DTube upvote. People weren't happy :)

I can live with someone being absent and coming back to old autos. But I won't look kindly upon someone badmouthing Steem during their absence.

I hear that. It's happened before - they went out there calling Steem a "scamp" and then they came back to more rewards.

From those twins to the surfers and the doctors of medicine in Nigeria, I think I myself will start flagging because I won't take it really lightly on them

Funny I know exactly all the people you're referencing :)

Most painful is those doctors really, they milked this place and made Lotta money now they're gone chasing their medical degree somewhere else

Yeah. They'll be back as surgeons soon hahaha. Or maybe astronauts.

Who are the doctors again? @josediccus? @adetorrent? I'd love to help you flag lol

LOL. Always looking from !drama :)

'I love Steem, I just needed to take a break..!'

Be prepared! It's coming! lol

Hahaha 😂 you know it.

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Al aumentar el valor del steem mucha gente se volverá a activar atraídos por las jugosas ganancias, como en otrora.

Exactemente :)

Well johal has his entire 1M SP delegated to @ocdb, which manually curates, so that's one huge account who won't be auto-voting in a hurry!

I think if people return they're in for a shock in terms of decreased earnings! Especially if you track your post earnings compared to curation earnings.

More likely is new people coming in and the reward pool being distributed more widely that way I think!

But as you say, as long as it's content that deserves it getting rewarded, that's fine!

While we're on the subject, there are very few people I miss, more who I am glad have stopped posting!

Oh, that's pretty cool in a way - the delegation to ocdb - especially after Freedom undelegated from them.

Yeah I took a break for 3 months but it was nothing to do with prices of steem and the Bear Market.

I was just jaded with Content Creation.

But I think you are right there will be a resurgence once the Bull run is validated . No question. And there will be some hard feelings among the loyalists

You're a loyalist too though. 3 months ago the price was in the gutter and you were still posting :)

As you say, it's upto the steem holders to decide how they vote, but I have been watching so will give out what votes I can to those who are here for the long haul. Through thick and thin

That's another good point I didn't consider. There are curators on here that have been consuming content and engaging with people, even if they don't create content themselves. Those people have been here too, and lord knows they've been very needed.

I believe we will see flags for those whom left as we disagree whether they should be allowed to earn now!

I predict we are going to see a new type of flagging when this happens. We are going to see these returnees downvoted by some of the disgruntled Steem loyalists when they get the big upvotes. This is going to be a bit of a thing on here. You wait and see.

Hopefully if they do return they provide good content. If they are just going to post memes and cute cat photos, then hopefully they don't. Anyway, I don't know about the flagging, but plan to stay clear of the blast area if at all possible.

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