Esteemating Tron

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I am still patiently awaiting 5pm, GMT, when the livestream will occur. In the mean time, like many of you, I’ve been thinking about the future of the Steem blockchain and my account.

Depending on how the program goes, as well as the follow up meetings by witnesses and the greater conversation, I’ll be making up my mind.


Even after the fact, there will still be a large gap between clarity, and action. In that time, I will most probably continue to post as usual. This is because, like you guys know, I love posting. I also love making STEEM money. There’s no other place on the Internet like the Steem blockchain. #facts.


I’ve posted this prediction in a few comment sections of people’s posts on here. I predict that actually noting much will change in the long run. I think it will be decided that things are just to complex here to “migrate” to another chain. Our love of STEEM has nothing to do with “Steemit”. Infact, Steemit has been a kind of hinderance if the truth is told. The unfortunate situation is that STINC controls most of the stake and infrastructure on the blockchain, which hasn’t been given enough time to fully decentralise.

I also predict that, following the livestream, a lot of people are going to initiate power down of their account. This is fair enough. We agreed to lock up our stake because of our faith in the STEEM blockchain. Most of us know nothing at all about Tron, or their ideology or any of that. People want the option of jumping ship completely if they want.

People should have learnt this lesson a while back, when the layoffs happened at STINC, that it’s a private organisation, and is in no way subject to our will. I think most people are finally starting to come to terms with that.


There are different types of people on this blockchain. People are here for different reasons. For some, this is the end. Simple. For others, it represents an opportunity for Steem to finally moon - in whatever form. The advertising reach and the ability to generate hype that Justin has demonstrated over the years could be just what Steem needs to finally reach mass adoption. The problem for many, though, is that it may reach mass adoption without the original principles upon which the platform was founded.

If you don’t care about any of this stuff, then it’s probably happy days for you ahead!


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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"The eyes have it!"

Yeah, keep posting and see what happens. It's a nice reminder to consider what you're doing and where you want to go ... not just on Steem.


Yes indeed

they are very stupid, they was proud about steem blockchain that it has 3 seconds transaction confirmation, now they migrate to whom? to young boy justin ?)))

I be happy to give you some TRON upvotes 😅😋😂👌👌👌👌 I also not go stop and I go post like all time and every day.

Lol thanks! Let’s form a Tron circle jerk !!!

Sorry my English 🤣🤣👊

Waiting to live streem on dlive😀 (😡)

Hope you enjoyed it :)