Buying ACOM and Staking On ValueDefi Video

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Good evening guys we just want to share with you all a video that has been put together by @rowland showing you how easy it is to stake your ACOM BSC on the ValueDefi platform.


This is a really helpful tool for anyone who isn't sure on how the staking process actually works when you come to staking your ACOM. The video goes through a step by step guide and talks you through everything you need to do in order to lock up your ACOM BSC to generate more ACOM. The current APR figure is 2306.11%.

If you're interested in locking up your ACOM BSC to generate more ACOM then seriously check out the video above, it will show you all you need to do.

If you have any further questions or want to provide us with any feedback then please feel free to jump into any of our communication channels.

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amigo de verdad muy impresionante la manera tan detallada en el paso a paso como ingresar para generar acom,saludos desde venezuela y que buena oportunidad. mil bendiciones

This is great

Hello, happy afternoon @acom the video is very well explained, I will save this publication to take it into account when I manage to acquire my ACOM BSC, thanks for keeping us updated

hello dear friends @acom good evening
I appreciate this information very much, without a doubt it will be very useful, to be honest I do not know this information
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid weekend

I am loving this community

Greetings @acom.

I will digest the information to install it on my phone, I am interested in becoming an Acom holder and keep growing.


I must have a closer look at this. Thanks for the video. I am sure it will make things a lot easier. 😊

Thanks for the staking tutorial my friend. ACOM for the win...!

Great job you have done here, I wish it's a supporting curation token, where one contributes and get upvotes from @acom