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RE: STEEM will definitely Go Up after this Red Days!

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yeah m!n hey check it out im able to give you $1 upvotes now! fuckin awesome! im lettin my vote power recharge now i can go cracy im up to 80% vote power iso make lots of big comments on big trneidng posts and i wiull upvote them to the top so u canget them seen, we will go and make sure we have a lot of anti FUD comments to helo get the prices back uop, its crazy how much people were all freaking out and we were like haha hey it might go down quick;y for a seocnd and then BOM it goes RIGHT back up! now everything is rebounding strionger than ever

whatever doesnt kill bitcoin makes it stronger and nothing wiol really kill it i just hope the segwit transactions get popular so we can have cheaper fees or maytbe peopel will just use biotcoin cash for cheaper fees? that woul be lame when we coud just freakin use Steem for 0 transaction fees it makjes the most sense but people have the LAMEST criticism of steemiut about how not enough peopel are on steemit and the content isnt godo enough its like hey come on steemit has been up for a YEAR and its a vast project with a blockchain for social media and i mean yeah eventually people join and it grows its crazy people have teh dumbest criticis its so lame i wanna be around only the smart people who can SEE the freakin value of steemit and not -just criticize it and try to claim the reward system isnt fair and the price of steem wont ever go up, well thats really crazy to think a free transaction crypto currency wont grow in popularity in a world of rising transaction fees for bitcoin and all crypto currencies pretty much, i dont know of any other than steem that have free transactions, and i mean using steemit for money transfer is SO amazing its the best crypto currency for smal transactions and using for large transactions WILL pay off, the next hard fork will be crazy and increase price of steem, people view the world of crypto like its magic and only presists of power can predict when the next eclipse will be! but in reality its all common sense logic that the technology with the great use cases wil end up being used and steem is one fo the few crypto currencies that really should be very valuable and hey $1 is cheap it will be very expensive as we get to the point where the NETWORK effect allows Steem to grow as big as Bitcoin! bitcoin was maybe 1 million active users at beginning of the year now maybe 10 million? steem is still under quarter of a million acconts of active users,

so when steem gets the network effect it will grow this rapidly like bitcoin is! as more and more people use the token the more useful it becomes and its why bitcoin is so valuable because anyone around the world can use it as money so it becomes the ultimate global currency and there IS no other crypto currency that REPLACES bitcoin! not ethereum not anything its all BASED on bitcoin and andreas antonopoulos is so right about this! u cant use blockchain without bitcoin! bitcoins decentralized TRUSTLESS network is the REASON its works so well! all the altcoins are pretty much built on bitcoin so it would be very important to get steem to dollar pairs an exchanges doing steem to dollar and have steem to dollar ATMs but people will just use Bitcoin for that!


@ackza , thanks for the large explanation, I totally agree with you in that STEEMIT will grow exponentially when people start to use it and realize its full potential. Same as @tytran I also bought below $1 some STEEMIT. I will start to follow you now. You forgot to add an upvote to this post. Regards, @gold84

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