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RE: Smart Media Tokens are coming

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We already know they are "coming" theyve been "coming for years now? what about a steemit mobile app? @sneak promised that on STAGE actually lol

We have sorry no one cares about SMTs because all the big projects waiting for SMTs already made a Steem Engine token, and it doenst automatically = success.... its humbled a lot of people... SMTs are not going to do anything more than Steem ENgine tokens have done so why not make some announcements about things we NEED like ONBOARDING?

Go help and their project which needs delegation and RC mana from accounts like @steem and @steemit and you know @ned you can get ned to plug in his RC mana to and generate millions of new accounts a year for free instantly if we had a took, to automate that.... we need onboarding solutions.... the community is stuck trying to strugle to onboard, when steemit inc should be doing this, its a serious problem.....


We need free accounts - amen! No.1 priority

And we have them. This was included in hf20

When I say free, I mean:

  • you come to steem-related website
  • you click sign-up
  • you get the account in a matter of minutes
  • account that works

Not true. We have what is called blockchain subsidized account creation and you need what? 5K Sp? 4k? 6k? to create ONE account every 5 days.... real helpful.... sorry but need has to spend his own money to buy new accounts no way around it. unless next hardfork will lower the requirements, but ned and steemit inc were SUPPOSED to be paying for a solution to get rid of duplicates, a SIMPLE way is using what they USED rto use before giving up, reddit accounts with certain karma, or twitter or facebook accounts with certain activity, and yeah that can be abused, but its harder, theres no perfect solution BUT IS NOT OUR fucking jobs @g2g its steemit incs jobs lol typical weirdo response telling teh end user to do the work of steemit inc

There is a reason why you have lost so much money and steem is 40 cents.. dont try to tell me you hadnt wished you had stayed in BTC this whole time instead of steem.... but if @ned had focused on new users things could be different,m who KNOWS how many new investors and developers we could have gotten .... if ned would have spent a few million dollars a year onboarding... who KNOWS how many Millions he could have made....... steem is not in a vacuum

Yall' know what would be better? If it didn't cost so much fucking RC's to create an account in the first place. At this pace, even with the entirety of Stinc's SP ie RC's creating free accounts 24/7/365 they wouldn't be able to onboard millions of new users we are hoping to onboard once the floodgates open.

Typical Steemit logic :D

  • you have the account
  • and a bunch of power
  • now you can create new accounts every single day
  • when you absolutely don't need them

Analogy, thirsty man in Sahara. It's fine, we have invented water pipes, so you can drink once you are at home :D

this is true! so that the added value steem we need new active users

They already gave us fast free accounts once. :)

memehub is a way to help onboard through memes. We plan to offer free steem acct creation for memers after using our site a certain amount. got a lot in the works for memes on steem

i almost thought this was spam the way you wrote this be careful lol just start with something more natural if i were you :D like "HEY that reminds me, MEMHUB!" lol

will u be the follow up to dmania ?

kk, ill take that into acct. Our system will be far better than the dmania platform and without the scammer part lol

oh come on dmania never scammed anyone, it had some script that was infected by a lot of similar software, he didnt put that in to make a few dollars or whatever,

Im not sure if this is sarcasm or not?

Partiko is the best app you can dream of...

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