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RE: Digital Kitties on Steem? How would the Steem blockchain handle 700,000 transactions per day?

in #steem5 years ago

I've tried to purchase a kitty for 2 days now, no luck. :(

I'm probably gonna get a real kitten before that transaction happens.


hahaha... thats funny...

Hey @acidyo, why do you want a cryptokitteh? I just don't get the hype..

I mean, it's cool to have an active game on the blockchain, but it's just buying a pixel collection, right?

The pixel industry in gaming is huge. :)

It's not too long before virtual goods are a ginormous industry. You are correct, they're just pixels. Still, you don't want to be the guy that doesn't get it. Unless you do. In any case, time marches on. We don't have to agree with the parade of absurdities, but it sure doesn't hurt to at least understand it.

Star Citizen is setting out an adventurous virtual goods stall, and it’s not even out yet!

I could only imagine if that was funded by crypto...

the guy that doesn't get it

yep! That's me. But I hope I still learn some things

Stuff like this can often become extremely popular. Looks at purely cosmetic gun skins in the game CS:GO for example; the rares ones can be worth thousands of dollars!

Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. I heard people would pay thousands of dollars for a particular skin, and I would be like:

does it do more damage? no. does it shoot faster? no. more accuracy? no. Then WHAT??

"Looks cool."

I believe it's more like showing off how much money they are able to spend type of thing. The same as buying expensive watches, expensive purses etc. Some people just like to spend money on expensive stuff, including strange, digital kittens :P

Well then @valth, let's begin a new coin, with a limited coin supply of 1000 units, no digits, and to purchase through ICO at one million USD per unit. Let's call it ELITIST.

What do you say?

edit- no whitepaper or use case necessary. only bragging rights

It's not important. It's fun. I watch my cat happy every day

Try to buy it when the US is sleeping and that is around 3am or 4am.

I think, it is time for steemkittens too!
Or any different animals we like,

me like dragons, or ocean fishes!

Isn't it possible so we can have ours here in steemit?

This article might interest devs who want to build cryptokitties type game

very useful...thx

Or what about SteemPandas? Cute, Innocent but strong and powerful

Steempandas will probably be a huge success; especially in the Asian market. You should give it a go!

I lke the idea cryptopandas, steempandas, smtpandas, utopianpandas busypandas!!!

How about STEEM Mongoose? Probably the quickest and most agile animal on the planet.

That could be any cute animals and that would be awesome!

Lets hope smt will provide that! It will be huge! IMO

I would love to see us getting our own Steem animal once SMTs are released! I would definitely like to own a few of those ;)

If you’re not familiar with what CryptoKitties is, it’s basically a game for buying, selling, and breeding digital cats.

Sheeshh!! I'm afraid I'm too old fashion for this now. Better I dust off a bit my ancient Fortran & Assembly programming language skillz. And rather try rescue and resurrect a digitally material retro Tamagotchi breeding beast to feed instead.

Well, I mean, to try make me filthy rich in no time with this new generation of millennials already instructed regarding the blockchain. };)

I'd wait for the cryptokitties. They don't need their litter-box cleaned. Unlike the spoiled fatasses I've pampered from kittens into fluffy little terrorists.

hahaha... "fluffy little terrorists" :D

I just bought two of them and the best thing about kitties is that it's completely up to the owner, whether he/she wants it to be a bride or bride-groom.

Indeed. Just posted a photo of one for the B&W challenge. I share my life with a gang of three feline terrorists, at least one of which is usually on my lap.

now thats it! lets create the steemit fluffy terrorists :-) food for thoughts lol

I could definitely sell you a kitty !

Real kittens are also a lot cheaper ;)

Not in the long run. I checked.

OK then :) I'll sell you kitties anytime :) I've been on CryptoKitties much longer than Steemit.

dang @acidyo, you're on the eth pussy hunt as well?

makes me feel compelled to buy a few eth instead of hundreds of Steem when it falls back to $1.

still waiting for success....hard to buy a new one...if someone build the steem kitten, i will buy it at once

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