I'm not letting my VP getting wasted and I'm not voting spam either

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About a week ago I made a post in which I wrote about some upvoting services on the Steem blockchain that I used for a while and I just quit. As I mentioned in the article also the idea is great because you share your voting power with other users while they do that with you. None of them, neither steemfollower, nhore steemengineteam are not vote for vote services though. It's just like a market where you upvote posts to have yours listed there also and get some upvotes from other users. Simple...

Although I had some pretty good amounts of upvotes from over there I quit the services from two main reasons: one is that lately I found too much spam in there, especially on steemfollower, and found it pretty hard to stamp my vote on something good that I would feel OK with doing that and the other was that the ones that had something to offer were too often boosted by bid bots and I am not a fan of them and neither a hatter. Thus I am now off both of the platforms. They can live without me and I can live without them.


However, since I quit the above mentioned services I found that my voting power is almost every day over 80% close to the 90% mark and I don't like that. Currently on that range my vote is worth only one cent, but I don't want that cent getting wasted, not even for one day. It's my hard earned Steem Power cent and I am gonna use it. Everyday, no matter what.

To make that even easier and 100% sure I set up some auto votes using the beta.steemvoter.com to some of my favorite steemians so I won't forget and miss anything not voted from them and also use that SP. Upvoting quality over spam makes sense, isn't it? :) For now it's just eight users that I thought about when creating the stream of upvotes, for their posts, and it's only one cent per vote with my current SP, but other than that it's my appreciation for your articles and my trust in you as good quality posts providers on the Steem blogging platform.

So there you have it: @cicbar, @steemed-open, @tobixen, @pele23, @fullcoverbetting, @honarparvar, @diabolika and @meno are now in my upvoting stream for any post they launch on Steemit. It's the first time I set up this type of stream and I have to say it's easy to use and really makes sense. I set the delaying time to 30 minutes for no particular reason, it just looked good the half way on the scale. Voting power used is of course at 100%. Probably over time I will add some more users and hopefully my voting power will increase also to make that vote count even more, but for now that's all I have to give...for free :) As I always say keep up with the good work.


Thanks for your attention

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I think you took a good decision. Also supporting your preferred accounts with an auto voting system is not a bad solution.
I would suggest you to read about User Authority.
@meno is one of the promoters of the project.
Delegating 25SP will probably provide you good earns and you will help all steemians at the same time.

Consider reading my post if you are interested:



I will read the post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Great pick there mate! especially diabolika and meno

@acesontop Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!