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RE: Keeping Our Priorities Straight

in #steem2 years ago

Good to hear some bullish talk, I been in a lull along with many recently.

... we don't have RC delegation pools or enough accounts to sign up even 5% of Facebook, let alone go for the throat.

Thinking ahead of the stuff that might need a fix, this is a fair point.

Claims so far, 422367, creates from those claims, 117157. That's 300,000 accounts that could appear quite quickly, if we had a decent mechanism in place to offer them out, which I don't think we do at present.

It's just taking a while, I'm tired man!


That's why I focus on myself now and stopped inviting people here. A year ago, I spent so much time and effort helping these people get board on Steem and I had to baby sit them, make sure they know everything that I know but 99% of them are gone now.

I remember when my upvote was $10, I barely make blogs but am sure helped a lot Steemians . I focused on helping the red fish and minnows, but now they're in graveyard and I look at their wallet, it's empty. I was hoping that they might saved a little bit of their earnings. It's so sad and upsetting at the time! 😞 I only see few swimming around which makes me proud of them. I know I can't blame those who left, maybe they don't see Steem avaluable asset but am done baby sitting, it's time to focus on myself.

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