I think we lost some 'frequent' top level contributors

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A rough and ready analysis on the activity of our busiest shit-posters most active top level contributors.

I guess the question on the lips of many this week is something like: Did we lose spammers, real contributors, or a bit of both after HF 20? This is going to be pretty tough to find a definitive answer to and this content falls way short of that, but could be of interest anyway.

Busiest top level posters, pre and post HF 20

I gathered a list of accounts that posted over 10 times on the 10th September 2018, and yesterday, the 30th September 2018. The 10th was one of the busiest days of September with 10679 unique top level posters producing 46,640,157 characters of text. On the 30th September, 7102 unique authors produced 22,435,384 characters in top level posts.

10 was chosen as for the minimum number as I think that is very prolific, verging on spamming, and as it's my birthday. Apologies if you are on these lists and feel you are not spamming the blockchain.

It is likely that things are not back in full swing post fork (Resource Credits reloading / Spam bot script needs a restart). Perhaps another look (suggestions welcome) in a weeks' time would be useful.

10th September

AccountNumber of top level posts

30th September

AccountNumber of top level posts

98 accounts produced more than 10 top level posts on the 10th September, whilst 'only' 36 accounts achieved this on the 30th.

The top 10 keenest posters produced 1525 posts between them on the 10th September, the top 10 managed 260 in total on the 30th, 83% less.

This looks like a reasonable start in reducing output of the most frequent posters. But, for today anyway, i'm not looking at comments (where the engagement takes place), and who's to say these accounts are or aren't producing 'good' content?

Starting from the top of the list taken on the 10th September:

jlkreiss - still the top posting account on the 30th, -8 reputation, 43 SP, 0.63% Resource Credits, currently on the @badcontent blacklist

pranksters - nowhere to be seen on the 30th, -6 reputation, 0.689 SP, 1.07% Resource Credits, currently on the @badcontent blacklist

satoshinakamotob - not present on the 30th, 0 reputation, 0.1 SP, 100% Resource Credits, currently on the @badcontent blacklist

alex7899 - not present on the 30th, 0 reputation, 0.1 SP, 4.56% Resource Credits, currently on the @badcontent blacklist

syeservices - not present on the 30th, 38 reputation, 29 SP, 4.56% Resource Credits 'recharging', currently on the @cheetah blacklist

It would take a reasonable amount of time to check each account individually, but it does seem that the top 5 posting accounts on the 10th are not putting their best foot forward. Of the top 5 on the list taken on the 30th, it looks like only jlkreiss is on a blacklist (so far).

Was that any use? I'm not sure.

I'm happy to see a vast reduction in both the number of prolific posters, and the amount of posts they are producing.

However, this is a rose-tinted data pull, i'm guessing many have stories to share showing a different side......



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Not being on steemit was like quitting a 20 year heroin habit, I was wandering around my apartment rearranging furniture and then putting it all back in the same place. I was having weird dreams and I would wake up and go to post on steemit and then remember it was down. It was kind of like requiem for a dream type of withdrawal hell


ha :)

did you read @meesterboom's posts, the ones relating to the HF were pretty amusing!


phew! good thing you can post again! that sounds terrible!


Is your house clean now?


Yeah but now I'm crazy

I am seeing less spammy comments so far... But who knows how long that peace will last.


Yes me too. But are there some 'real' people missing too?

This is going to be interesting when we see what happens to the associated comment numbers and then work out slightly more accurate engagement per post figures.


This makes for interesting reading


Looks like steem activity bounced back quite strongly


Good to see! A bounce back close to previous figures, with a 1000 less shit posters / bots would be great!


I think @paulag is the woman for this as i think she covers similar in a monthly post.

I'm wondering if the sincerity DB can be accessed - we could take the 'bot' accounts from there and compare activity pre and post fork.


yes sincerity can be accessed


Thanks for the link and data :)

To be fair, I'm not sure it's that big of a loss. If someone is posting 262 times per day then they probably have a bot doing it for them. Not likely that a person could publish that many by just sitting at a computer. it still does seem like things have slowed down though. It will be interesting to see how many of those accounts come back.


Yeah I think we are not losing the finest Steemians or content here.

Things have certainly slowed for me, but using arcange's hit parade as a guide, my leagues post was still ranked in the top 10 with less than 100 comments, this would not be the case normally.

Perhaps I'll update the post in a few days with new data as things seems to be picking up each day.


Things do seem to be getting back to normal. Hopefully that doesn't mean that the spam comes back too. That stuff is annoying.

nice- these are good findings. from my eyeing the accounts, i don't recognize any that seem familiar to me (though this is by no means definitive hehe.)


They could be moving in different circles but to not recognise one of them is a bit strange - that is the same for me btw. The ones I checked seem to be moving in their own circle :D

Very interesting. Note that the top "hanger on" after the fork still reduced his posting by about 80%. That's progress.

Well we know that restricting activity so severely based on SP is going to affect spammers, since they tend to take all their money out and leave themselves always with fairly low SP. They don't want to upvote anyone and make more getting others to upvote them than by self-voting.

Do you think there is a way you could collect data on moderate posters with average or better UA scores in this same way, pre and post fork?

I think it's important for us to get an idea of the cost-benefit of the change in cutting spam without cutting newbie participation.


This side of things show good progress to me too.

Do you think there is a way you could collect data on moderate posters with average or better UA scores in this same way, pre and post fork?

'moderate' doesn't compute very well, give me a number :)

I don't think a full list of UA scores is available yet, but i will ask.

I think it's important for us to get an idea of the cost-benefit of the change in cutting spam without cutting newbie participation.

Agreed. But lets face it, newbie participation has been reduced. What to exactly, I am not sure. Hopefully they can write a post a day, with a few votes and comments.

The goal, for non-investors who wish to blog/engage, is to read up and hit the ground running. One curie/dtube/utopian vote will give them much more freedom.

I can see discord becoming busier too as people wish not to 'waste' credits on chatter, instead saving their RCs for kick-ass comments (which are much likely to receive a vote).


I was turning back on my smartsteem autovote today and saw a new metric for allowing my vote to be used. It was the UA scores. That had a 2 as average. Actually average started somewhere around 1.7 buy I forget the exact number.

I'd be really interested to see that data. Not that it would be complete. The reality is, most people who are newish aren't even measured by UA scores. And the ones who are average are probably having 40SP or more like our surviving spammer above. Still, might be as close as we can come to having some indication of quality posters who have stopped posting.


Smartsteem has access to the UA data, I'm still waiting on a reply to see if a snapshot is available for the likes of myself.

The other day, I tested a few things on a new alt with 3 SP - @misterengagement.

They were able to create a posts, edit it twice, and comment twice. Editing seemed to cost the most in RCs. When it is fully charged, I will post and then comment and see how far it gets.

I see a few initiatives have sprang up asking for people to put their/others names forward for a small delegation. Looking at the replies, there are not many takers. Does this mean most people are 'OK' / still silenced / have left already?


I think it means most people don't want a second job of having to manually run the RC system instead of just having sound rules.

The people who would most need to put themselves forward are less likely to come across the invitation to or be able to comment to act on it.

I think one thing that keeps getting left out is the experience of the person who just joined Steemit or one of the other dapps. They don't know what's going on yet. They aren't in discord servers. They aren't following witnesses or even really knowing who they are. They just know that they can't do much on here before it says they're out of power. They don't even know when they are supposed to come back expecting to see it changed.

The red/blue bar STINC is using to highlight their posts to the entire community is good. I think anything speaking to real newbies to invite them to request more RC delegations should be in the comments on whichever of those posts is currently in the top bar, and folks should use self-voting to make sure their comments along those lines wind up at the top of the considerably long comment thread on those posts. And a way should be included to respond that doesn't require any RCs.


... also, forgot to ask, why did you use 3 SP as your standard?

I'm still trying to find out how much SP someone gets when they land on the Steemit site now and sign up on their own. What experience does that person wind up having right now?


3 SP used to be (pre-HF20) the minimum account size basically. You could create an account with 3 Steem, and that Steem would get powered up into the new account (so in essence it didn't cost anything, since the Steem was still there and just had been transferred from you to the new account) adn the new account with have 3 SP. So there are a ton of accounts with 3 SP out there

I worry about the new accounts. I was unable to post much myself, and I have been here almost a year. It effectively knocked me out of the engagement league, due to just a few posts a day. Some friends bailed me out, and loaned me steem enough to function, or I would not be here myself.

BUT, I have lost touch with several friends over seas, and one can only post every two or three days. I hope someone is still working on helping the newbies get access, because we NEED these new accounts! If they only have access to a "silent" blog, we Will loose them.



Hi @smithlabs

Have you joined discord?

I would use this for general chat, and go for the 'big' stuff here, until you have the credits to type as much as you like.

Steemit was never meant to be a chat program, the Leagues may have contributed to that feel, rightly or wrongly.



Discord doesn't like my Linex OS, so I have ordered an android tablet to try there instead.

Have you lost contact with newbies (plankton, redfish, or pond scum) also? I was trying to bring some along from the Philippines, Germany, and some in the US, to make them feel welcome.


Well, I am still here so it didn't get rid of all the trash. Lol.


You said it buddy! :D

Very interesting and promise metrics seen here. However, I still think it is too early to truly assess the impact to these accounts. I am also concerned with how much they adjusted resource credit regeneration in the last couple of patches as it could bring spam back. However, if we can figure out these queries to pull the correct data and determine abuse, it could help with the adjustment needed to the economy to not impact those accounts looking to add value to the ecosystem.


I am also concerned with how much they adjusted resource credit regeneration in the last couple of patches as it could bring spam back

Me too. The 10x multiplication seems to have brought everyone back to life, even @misterdelegation with 3 SP can function.

This sure isn't terrible news, but I'll be curious how it all pans out over the next few weeks or so. And more so, if HF20 has affected engagement too. Is that possible to sort through?


With the 10x multiplier for all, I think we are in a much better place for new accounts being able to function. Of course, this has opened the door for spammers too. Finding the right parameters from the start was always going to be tough, time will tell if they are suitable.

I think Engagement on the blockchain will fall slightly, but only slightly. The engagement league may have pulled some interactions away from Discord, but I think most will agree that some of what is written here would be better off in a chat program.


but I think most will agree that some of what is written here would be better off in a chat program.

Bingo. And very diplomatic too; you should be in politics Ash, although it's kind of like that here anyway, isn't it?! :)

I've seen posts where 50 SP seemed to be the minimum amount in order to function to a fair degree, with more required (500 or better) to approximate what people were doing before. I'm not sure how accurate the latter part is but the first part seems to be born out by your data, in that the one on top has by far (relatively speaking) the most SP.

Someone else I read had a post where they ran into a spammer (I think you commented on it, too) and were happy to see they were needing to wait for their resource credits to replenish, so it seems to be at least tamping down what they can do, even with the 10 x patch deployed.



Post, 2 edits (huge transaction cost in comparison), and 2 comments. Could be worse?

Yes that was nonameslefttouse. That amused me. Drawing the spammers in :)


I'm not sure I'm following you on the misterdelegation reference. :) Is that account a solution to something? Or are you saying they're aiding the spammers? I mean, they've been delegating to dapps which in turn have been aiding spammers, hopefully unintentionally. Anyway, I'll wait to see what you meant by the mention. :)

I really enjoy your analysis of the blockchain activity. This was a fascinating look. I didn't recognize a single name, so I guess that's a good sign?


I would say it's a good sign yes. They may not all be spammers, but I think we can live with a 220 daily post reduction :)

hi @abh12345

Very interesting breakdown.

I didn't hear from you in a while so I decided to check your blog to see if you're still active or taking a break.

Im glad to see tht you're still around. Obviously upvoted :)

ps. I wanted to ask you a question. You mind telling me what's your view on latest HF20 introduced on steemit? Did it affect you in any way?

enjoy your weekend buddy
Yours, Piotr

It's interesting to look at for sure. Seeing how things unfold could tell a different story?

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I can only speak for myself, I've been pretty busy after we started to recover from HF20 disaster and had no time to look around. What I've seen is that a couple of heavy comment spammers have stopped spamming.
On the other hand another heavy spammer with 3700 sp, with shitty content and spam comments is doing well, continuing his spamming work, business as usual. He's on badcontent blacklist and other blackists. Unfortunately he's on your league list.
I don't know how this new situation would stop spammers, they always find a way to spam and scam.


I don't think there is a way to stop spam entirely, but RCs seem to have at least reduced it. If you want to spam, you have to pay to do so.


Let's hope some people are going to rethink their strategy and learn to bring good content.

Its a cool analysis sir ash..

but speaking on small accounts, it had greatly affected us really. While the HF20 was targetting to wipe out or minimize spammers or shitty posts, along with it some small fishes like me had been affected too because we dont have that much steem power to genereate more RC. We could do pretty much nothing but to wait till we charged higher than 80%. Thus our engagement activities has been restricted so we could not continue the pace we used to have. This has made us wait like eternity!

But but.. im still hoping for the best.

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With 228 active SP, I think you are good to go now

The worry is still for new accounts, and I hope there are people watching the #introducemyself tag for 'real' people so that small delegations could be given - 20 SP seems like it would be enough to get started.


Oh yes because someone delegated me a piece of her SP.. i almost run out of RC i reached 18% down.. hehe.. that is why i had been so quiet the past week.

Yeah now that you mentioned that, that should really be looked upon. It is very depressing if you just started out at this time and they will go through a pretty rough start.

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Reading costs 0 resource credits. I hope that new users choose to do a lot of this in the beginning.

One vote from curie/dtube/utopian-io/steemhunt etc could give them much more freedom to interact.


Yes reading gets you somewhere somehow.. but they will be so blind about the system, i just hope more training courses can be offerred to newbies.

Maybe we can use bots that whenever a #introduceyourself is used, they can provide links of post regarding the sytem and how everything else works here. Could that be possible?

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There are some users we can afford to lose. I suspect some are using bots to pay and may take a while to realise this does them no good. I have noticed some of the wallet spam is back. I'd hoped that was less viable now. Maybe RCs can adjust to deal with it.


Transactions are cheap, RC wise, and I think this should remain quite low.

Interesting to see 'Power-ups' cost similar.


Looks like we will have to tolerate this spam. Okay, so we get paid by it, but maybe less than 1 steem per year. I'm still trying to understand what we as users gain by the changes


As a user, not too much. As an investor (everyone with SP is one of these too), I think we are in a much better place.

@abh12345, Literally speaking, really great to see this data, and in my opinion no matter what, at the end of the only result matters, and as you said, really it's an great view because we are seeing the effective percentage of reduction in the spammy stuff, and let's hope that we will going to move towards more effective phase.

This effort is really appreciable. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Maybe they have more post amount than the accumulated views out of those post...

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You know a weird thing, I think some people are missing from my feed. Bizarre, I have been looking about for some regular posters, you included and thought it was a bit quiet but indeed they are posting. I must monitor this!


hmm, have you been a victim of the 'un-follow bug'? I heard that some people had noticed that they'd un-followed some accounts which performing the action themselves.

74 eh, nice work sir!


Damn, I have heard of that, will have to check!!

Cheers man, I know the rep system is broken and all that jazz but it's still a nice feeling seeing it tick up at this stage because it takes so much longer!

I voted your content because you are on my whitelist.

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hey bud... how's it been?

does STEEM still have a pulse ??

'The top 10 keenest posters produced 1525 posts'

After all ... Hurray for HF20

Lucky me that I didn't make it onto this shit list 😁

You got a 45.70% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @abh12345!

I'M glad this was during my 23 day absence. Once again oblivious and I'm just going to keep going.


You have plenty of SP and STEEM as should not have to worry about Resource Credits, onwards!


Well that's good news.

It feels much like before to me though I can see the stats say otherwise. Give it a few weeks and I think it will stabilise.


@steemitblog say we are now stabilized. My 3 SP account was able to do a post, 2 edits to that post, and a couple of comments. 10$ invested would expand this a lot.