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Smart Refinery Technologies (SRT) Group, the creator of innovative techie solutions and apparatus for the creation of car fuels, is creating the world's initial blockchain system for the essential oil refining industry.

The technical architecture of SRTblockchain platform is centered in the principles of creating open source applications that combine templates of wise contracts, a toolset for their building, and infrastructure for their operation. SRT system shall function by Ethereum, using consensus system Resistant of Authority. Consensus system PoA in the SRT network usually is selected to reduce delays and working costs. It will end up being feasible to quickly display the status of a personal network in a general public system, to make certain the immutability and condition of data.
Industrial Internet of Things will be an essential component of SRT blockchain platform. It is usually a distributed network infrastructure, integrated with an automated procedure control system (АSU ТG) of commercial devices. It will consist of digital receptors and interworking protocols for putting together the sensors and controllers of the automated procedure control program into a regional network, and integration into a blockchain. This will enable the automation of the collection of data regarding devices functions, transactions for payment of license charges, and provision of global program support from the gear supplier’s executive middle. Financial records between the people of blockchain system will end up being steady by means of SRT-coin tokens (ERC20 type).

The SRT blockchain policy will deliver useful templates and equipment for, creating sensible contracts, automatic collection of data regarding products functions, settlements of accounts and transactions between businesses. Credited to open up structures of the Platform its features can be utilized by all interested designers of dApps, suppliers of equipment and providers for the oil processing industry, which will open up the likelihood for them to enter the global market even more fundamentally.

Task Group:

A team of SRT consists of specialists: in the field of scientific analysis, blockchain designers, oil market specialists. In SRT team there are two current instructors, 4 doctors with PhD and professional managers with knowledge in globe Best-10 oil companies

SRT projects look extremely futureproof at this time nevertheless, hope they can get their strict cap done to ensure that oil refining business gets a new era of the blockchain.

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