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DataXchain believes that the purpose of the Intelligent Info Culture is to provide the ultimate performance to almost all humanity, based in the new beliefs created in the ICT base, by delivering intelligent technology and creativity to the general community. The data going through the provided information conversation network around the world represents a fundamental reference to our society. Nevertheless, under our current industrial system, data is locked within centralized providers and systems, described by a handful of social media and internet portals generally. Our data provides been harvested by these Data Giants to generate earnings or fulfill their interests.

DataXchain is Blockchain based Decentralised Data Trade System, which fits the data owners can offer with data users wish through customized data-matching services.

Through ‘decentralizing’ data ownership and DataXchain aims to create also brand-new data in which individuals, seeing that opposed data giants, own the privileges to their data and are compensated if their data is equitably utilized. It also goals to develop a brand-new data trade environment in which anyone can conveniently generate Digital Property to talk about or sell.

With data just one every aspect of lives and it also becoming a vital reference almost, possibilities DataXchain bring are endless, and so is the level to which it may dramatically improve our lives.

Simplicity of use Provides a simplified download method and a potential price viewing program on the mobile phone and site app Intelligence Intelligent data developing: with advanced AI and big data technology, it provides automated mapping and cataloging program (DataXchain Engine)

Fast and robust maintenance procedure: DataXchain allows simultaneous but substantial method across multiple open up source tasks such as the Ethereum Sharding task.

Provides a seamless program to ensure steady provider and flexible software structures for high-tech applications.

Elevated security and current monitoring: DataXchain overlays security with Smart An agreement managed by a Blockchain network and a distinct important vault.


Prevents filtration system bubble with an auto-matching procedure based on different hybrid algorithms

Directly because crude oil is usually processed into gas, DataXchain brings the commercialization of My Data to an entire fresh level. This is expected to remain a key driver of usage and conversion, DataXchain has a pocketbook function that empowers users to take control of their data and offer them through the DataXchain Network. From exhibiting the quantity of DXCT users possess apart, users are capable of examining the potential worth also of Digital Assets in trace and DXCT every transaction, in the usage history

DataXchain ICO

DXCT Crowdsale

Total Source 1,000,000,000 DXT

The price is $0.06 per token

Sale Begins 09/20/2018

Approved Currencies: BTC, ETH, USD

Hard Cover of USD 30 m

Min / max Buy USD 100 / USD 500,000
Airdrop / Recommendation Reward 117,500,000 DXT
ICO sale

Primary sale circular 1: 10.29 ~ 11.04.2018 30% bonus
Primary sale circular 2: 11.05 ~ 11.11.2018 25% bonus
Primary sale Circular 3: 11.12 ~ 11.18.2018 20% bonus
Primary sale Circular 4: 11.19 ~ 11.25.2018 15% bonus
Primary sale Circular 5: 11.26 ~ 12.02.2018 10% bonus
Primary sale circular 6: 12.03 ~ 12.09.2018 5% bonus

DataXchain’s essential tactical partner in its advancement is 1 of Southern Korea’s leading service provider of big-data and AIl Solutions, Xiilab. As DataXchain’s tactical partner, Xiilab provides the required big-data technology, knowledge and operating

Encounter to help DataXchain leapfrog it is development procedure. Not just are the essential people of the Tablet management group from Xiilab, DataXchain can advantage from Xiilab’t cable connections and assets and the DataXchain the platform can end up being developed with Xiilab, hence ensuring its successful execution.

Some key facts about Xiilab :

• Founded in 2010, Xiilab is shown on KONEX (Korea New Exchange)
• Xiilab was the initial venture firm in Southerly Korea to list on KONEX
• Emerging sector innovator in the field of data-based providers and Artificial Cleverness (AI)
• Largest AI system user in Sth Korea

Essential items include xDams and xDams: Eyesight, and Parmesan cheese Counter option based on big A and data.

Other Essential Partnerships From Xiilab apart, dataXchain offers secured relationships with leading businesses in their respective marketplace segments such as The LINUX Basis, Oracle, MFU, and ethereum.

ICO NAMEDataXchain
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