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Steem has changed lives for good.Every now and then you hear some inspiring story on steem.
The positive effect that steem is having on our lives in beyond any measurement.

Sometimes you get to hear that a person has fulfilled his dream of travelling while being on steem.

Sometimes you hear the tale of a poet/writer who made it big on steem.

Sometimes you hear tale of a student who is being taken care of by steem to pay his bills.

Sometimes we hear some person funding charities all because of steem.

I m gonna share a positive encounter of mine with Such a person.

Yesterday ,we were just going through a market and I saw a road side computer shop having nothing but a printer ,and a laptop inclined on a damaged wooden table.

What made me curious was the website he was working on guessed it right -Steem.
Though all my family are steemit users(some are active ,some inactive) and the place I belong to,we don't have such online cultures over here.

It was my first encounter with a fellow steemian (apart from my family members) .Well.....I didn't have guts to ask that person anything about steem or what he was doing on it ,but a person who is having an ice cream shop told me about his job online and offline.

On enquiring I got to know that this road side steemian is a computer bachelor from a very humble back ground .His father is an alcoholic ,so he has to support his family by doing road side printing and other minor works online,because it's all he can do .

He usually keeps himself busy with printing and making himself some money ,but along with that thing he takes out time to do some steeming.

Though I was not able to get his username on steem(but I will in a week) ,but I managed to click a bunch of pictures from a distance (which he has no idea about) .

I look forward to meet that guy in a week or so and I m looking forward to post his original story over here

These are his pics(though not that much clear) image



Long live steem.


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good history but you should go to him, and ask his name,, he is our family member on steemian,, he is working hard,, may Allah bless him with every success in every field of life ameen

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