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Hello strangers, my name is @fyrstikken, I am a STEEM-Whale, and this is a post about being a responsible whale and create jobs for the community us STEEM-WHALES live in.

We starting from the bottom:


Every couple of weeks Elisabeth arrives to make sure my feet are silky smooth, giving my whale-feet real whale-massage. Do not worry, my dogs also get a similar treatment but that is on Tuesdays and include full top to toe pimping, they of course also eat extremely well, liver, sweet potatoes, food fit for my Scottish Terriers. I love my dogs, got 4 of them at the moment.


Charlie is making sure Elisabeth is doing her job without hurting my delicate whale-nails, or cutting too much, I hate when she does that - but clean feet are important, and it does not do anyone any good if I did it myself - this way I get to spend some of that STEEM-WHALE Money I earn every day on people who really need the job, and pass the screening. But that is another story.


When I am back on my feet, I have to do some whale-work, which includes sending lots of people to this Bitcoin ATM among other things and make sure people are not screwed by the operator. These machines are great for people with less than $10K to purchase for, for larger amounts I tend to suggest with full verification for investing in altcoins, and to sell/hold cash because of the insurance policy that particular exchange has.


Some times I make parties in the name of STEEM, which as a WHALE, I am a CO-Owner of in order to spend some more of that whale-money to families with children, who does not like a nice big amusement park with water-slides during a hot summer?

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.04.18 AM.png

The KIDS are the programmers of TOMORROW, and in my districts, there are rewards for the children who learn English and programming, $1000 prizes to the kid and $1000 to his parents when they succeed, currently, I have 3 contestants, Maria, Carlos and Macarena, if their parents are successful in parenting them towards the goal, they all will become very productive blockchain geniuses in a short amount of time. I believe in them and wish to continue this moving forward once the success formula is secured.


Because of my pale skin, I cannot stay in the sun for too long without being extremely burned - so I had this nice wet-suit made so I too could enjoy the warm water this day, and I had a great day - us whales also like to swim :)


A day at the park makes a lot of people hungry, so why not invite them all to a winner, winner, chicken dinner - people get so grumpy when they are hungry, and we do want happy people around us - at least that is what I want.


Other times I have meetings with people of politics, or people who have influence to change politics. So I make sure to morally and ethically converse with these amasing people about trustless systems, anti government corruption, anti mafia establishment and do what I can to educate as many as I can about status quo, and what we as WHALES expect will happen in the future. I however do not economically support any politicians, that is how I stay non-political and relevant in non-crypto related issues us WHALES sometimes are asked to help solve. Here I am with George Forsyth, earlier professional soccer player, currently Mayor of one of the most important textile industries in Latin America. Since he came to power he has turned the district from a shithole to a majestic professional shopping center for vending of all things textiles and accessories for clothes producers and designers.

I hope he become President of the Country some day.

I talk with people.jpg

As a STEEM-WHALE I also speak with Presidents of Latin American Nations, here I am with President Pepe Mujica of Uruguay after he had served as the 40th President of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015. A former guerrilla with the Tupamaros, he was imprisoned for 12 years during the military dictatorship in the 1970s and 1980s. A member of the Broad Front coalition of left-wing parties, Mujica was Minister of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries from 2005 to 2008 and a Senator afterwards. As the candidate of the Broad Front, he won the 2009 presidential election and took office as President on 1 March 2010.

He has been described as "the world's humblest head of state" due to his austere lifestyle and his donation of around 90 percent of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities that benefit poor people and small entrepreneurs. according to Wikipedia

What is important for me is to actively push the cause of Crypto Currencies and specially STEEM which we successfully have established large LAN communities already, Venezuelans being the single largest group due to the crisis which neighboring countries have handled great by employment, plus the Venezuelans are great people who find work were there is work to be found, and because we all speak and understand Spanish, integration takes record time compared to
immigrants who need to learn the language.

At the end of the day, it is good to have a private driver to bring me to my next destination, home, hotel, airbnb, airport - I hate getting speeding-tickets, parking-tickets and drive, I prefer the back seat were I can also work comfortably from my phone and laptop, spending some STEEM-WHALE money on this is just trivial and I think everyone should concider it. Compared to owning and maintaining my own WHALE-CAR, I save over 75% on this arrangement, and us WHALES love to save money when we can. This is not exactly my ride - but you get the picture, this is how it is.


Back under the aircondition, is time for spending some quality time with my little favorite, Charlie.


Then it is time to crash before a new interesting STEEM-WHALE day begins with its ups and downs - I wonder what I will be doing tomorrow... :)

Stay in touch


I own - the oldest independent active STEEM Voice & Text CHAT - If you are not a member yet, make sure you become one today, we have amazing technical and financial members worth conversing with. Give us a try.

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Beautiful dogs!

I hope the next bull run will transform more Steemians into whales.
If the dolphins become whales, what whales will be then?

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Bull run doesn't make whales, when user surpasses certain amount of SP then they are counted as whales.

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

no thats not how it works, you stay the same no matter what the price is because 1 steem = 1 steem , price of steem going up doenst make you go from minnow to dolphin or dolphin to whale... sorry... you have to acquire more stake

Dinosaurs! ducking for cover

Is this real or satire? Either way, kudos!

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Living the life. The 🐳

hahahahah A whales life is a lot alike like a dogs life it seems :DDD

Thanks for giving some info in the comments on how you get there, seems I got a ton of blogging to do and catching some market spikes before this kind of life is back again for me hahahaha....


I upvoted and resteenmed @fyrstikken

more people should come talk on

Time to work my way up there.

Great lifestyle @fyrstikken. And working with the kids is a great idea.

Gross, just gross!
This site is getting more shallow and vapid by the week :(



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I want a whale-massage

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So basically everything in this picture is whale-like I can see whale wristwatch whale dog whale bed whale everything I hope that someday I will be a whale too, that's why am always mentioning you on my post and that makes me a whale indirectly!😇

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I wish you become a whale too, Melissa.

here I am with President Pepe Mujica of Uruguay after he had served as the 40th President of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015

Okay this is awesome!

Does the store with the bitcoin ATM accept Steem? It would be nice to have an online store with lots of different products accepting Steem. Of course, shipping becomes a bit of an issue.

no, that machine only sell Bit and Litecoins. But once you have those, the door is open for you anywhere.

Thanks for sharing how live a STEEM-whale... hehehe!
I think that is one of the best way to us, minnows and redfishes not give up, and continuing to power up and be active in the platform.

The fuck.
This should be satire.

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It definitely reads like it... what a weird post.

oh wow, why? lol

Do you really think money is everything?

And do you really think these kids will be crypto-engineers?

What about things the kids are interested in? Not just making parents make their kids do stuff for money.

You should support intrinsic motivation.

But no offense. You're allowed to do what you want.

hmm, well you know there is always someone to support, but I do not want to be an active supporter of something I cannot at least have some oversight over myself. No offense to anyone, but I have met my fair share of... thieves projects in cryptoland and in charity land for that matter. I don't do what I do for tax returns, I do this because it makes me happy.

About the programming project, Well, some of the older kids have already grown tired of school, math, etc. But the younger kids are more interested in learning this technology. What I am offering is a carrot on a stick they get to keep in the end, maybe employment - it is a pet project. I wrote a lengthy post about the philosophy of a better curriculum for this generation earlier.

When I was 6-8 me and my buddies learned how to develop software/games, it does not hurt to learn some of those things early. Building stuff is fun, and our world needs more smart builders.

Okay I get your points and want to apologize for my first behaviour.

Continue doing what you think is best.

Especially kids can need some support in this world.
There is so much pressure on this young generation.

But maybe Im biased because Im also still quite young.

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:D are you stalking me?

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I stalk everyone.


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Looks like a good life! I like how all the people are wearing your t-shirts :-D

As people may find your post very inspiring, could you share some insights on:

  • How did you accumulate your whale stake?
  • Do you actually live on the passive income your stake is generating, e.g. by delegating to bots? Or do you have other sources of income?

Enjoy life!

  • How did you accumulate your whale stake?

I bought the majority of my stake with Bitcoins at around BTC 0.00007000 on Bittrex after missing out on the big pump and dump the first time. I also accumulated by blogging like there was no tomorrow and put out as much good content I could on a daily basis. It became a fulltime job at times.

  • Do you actually live on the passive income your stake is generating, e.g. by delegating to bots? Or do you have other sources of income?

I do have other sources of income, but if we isolate it to just STEEM, according to: I make 180 STEEM and 37 SBD per day delegating 650,000 SteemPower to @Booster. That should be about 65700 STEEM + 13505 SBD per year with todays quotation. In addition to that, I also make 9% SteemPower on my SteemPower in staking, which is an additional 58,000 SteemPower in a year.

Accumulative, selling in portions when the price is high, buy back, or not, when the price is low - making sure to stay in a healthy balance between Rental Units + Cash in the bank, cash in the safe, Cash at hand, Insurances + Crypto either staking, lending out or in other ways make coins on the coins I already have, and get out of RISK as soon as that is possible without losing any stake over it. (Think little factories)

I dare to stay Powered up, because I do not believe STEEM is going to fail, I think it will grow and become a mega-success, so I am sold on that :)

Thanks a lot for sharing... this is really very useful information to better understand the economics of steem.
Do you think you could have the same return not delegating to bots? Like just giving manual curation and own blogging?

Do you think you could have the same return not delegating to bots?

not a chance.

Very humanizing, it made me consider forgiving you for breaking proof of brain, here and on golos, and booting dissent from steemspeak.

Can we have pob back now that you have throw away money?
Nothing personal, just business.

Hope I see you again.

@fyrstikken, I really liked the decision of awarding children and their parents if their children becomes programmer's and hope that this will prove super productive.

And it's reflecting as you are creating Use Case for Steem more and more and hope that soon you will going to enjoy your all other visits in your Steem Whale Car. Stay blessed brother.

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Heres my Dolphin Car and Dolphin Diamond Steem Chain

and I should hopefully be able to bring fyrstikken one of these one day for steem fiesta and we can laser engrave qr code on them

Good wishes brother and this Steem Product is really cool and hope that these products will give effective profits to you in future.

Exactly the Kind of Lifestyle I desire! Easy Peasy ay😉😁💯✔👌👌

ION, It's great to see you making your STEEM Work for you & giving back to your family and community.

I guess when you have enough STEEM One can easily live off of it! Great Post, Keep on doing great things for the Steem Blockchain.

Happy Weekend you Silky Feet Whale 😋😄

You got much engagements, man. Lolzz

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@frystikken Thankyou for sharing about yourself. Stories such as yours and what you do for the goodness of humanity gives us faith for the future for our generations along with our planets survival.
Luv your work 🙏🙏

The life of a steem-whale gifted with legs and feet. Woaahhh such rare creature! 😂

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As a Steem-Whale, you have greatly improved a level of water in that pool, @fyrstikken ;)))

I hope he become President of the Country some day.

And this is really easy today: You just have to proclaim yourself a President of any country with the US blessings :)

Yeah right. No pictures of barbarian white man raping, pillaging, and randomly impregnating brown women, and then leaving them on their own—fake news.

🤔 Ohh, I am so sorry.... 🤩I promise I make a selfie next time... tsk tsk 🤗 (JK)

Nice man! I think more whales should show that they do with their time, it’s cool to see. Especially that you throw Steem-themed birthday parties for kids, that’s pretty cool!

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Real question, what do you feel about the future of Steem?

For example, are you comfortable stacking more and more steem as it accumulates for you with full faith that it will raise in value and succeed in the long run?

Been thinking hard about my long game here - appreciate your response!

You are doing great work !
I hope I join you in the philantrophist whaleclub soon

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

The whale has spoken. I'm glad you encourage education and are involved with the community.

"The Mountain is not coming to us, it is us that must go to the Mountain" - Said the mother of Mr. Lee always.

So that means to be a steem whale is something great :) wish i could also be a steem whale some day.. thanks for sharing

Once you pass 370,000 SteemPower, you are pretty much a whale. And from time to time there are amazing trades to be made in altcoins, which could elevate you to whale in no time.

I started trading Altcoins back in 2014 starting with 0.888 BTC, 5 years later, of 17 hour work-days has paid off great, but I did not become "altcoin rich" overnight, I do not know of anyone who made it like that. But over time, and enough time - if the project is not bad, but disciplined and worked on like STEEM is loved by so many, I see nowhere to go but up.

Hi fyrstikken,
THX for sharing.
If I may ask a follow up:
If you say you started in 2014 with 0.888 BTC that does not mean that this was the whole capital you built your whale stake with? So of course you had also the rewards for the blogging on steem.. but I assume you put in some more money and traded alt coins with it?

Yeah. Pretty much my philosophy. I could buy more Steem but im trying to accumulate more by "mastering" the ecosystem. Im 1 year in so i still have time to catch you. Lol.

Maybe I can be a steem whale one day. Lol

I wouldn't touch your feet for 21 million bitcoins.

You wear gloves and wear a mask 😂

I'll rub your feet for a few thousand steempower, just let me know boss XD

lol you've met our president, better said ex-president Mujica. Great guy, so humble and smart old guy, also the one that propose the weed legalization, so he is awesome lol, nice post man.

Has the legalisation helped bring violent drug crimes down in your country?

Totally, at least in terms of weed, seems like there’s no one selling illegal weed due to the high standards of the cannabis clubs and also the cheap prices at the farm shops that also sells.

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Good that the government isn't taxing weed
sales heavily like in America which makes the black market resurface.

That’s lame, but the government always want to take excessive profits of this kinda “good things” for now there are no big issues and as I said it was a really good move against narcos, even they are still distributing some other shit instead.

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At first I was unsure if you were making a troll post, reading till the end it doesn't seem so. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life, it's good to see some whales have good ideals!

This man is really enjoying life 😊

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Thanx for sharing all this with us!

Congratulations @fyrstikken!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 309,57

LIfe of steem whale is more awesome than i expected have a great day ahead Than kyou for sharing your life moments with us god bless u


I am also a responsible girl and want to perform all these responsibilities.

Ha ha ha

@fyrstikken you will be the good one whale ?
Who does not ruin the small fishes world and do not spoil "the climate"
Enjoying life like a money whale

where you involved into blackcoin?

This post has received a 76.68 % upvote from @boomerang.


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Love u bro

Not your typical Lambo Crypto Whale. I love what you are doing there. Not just whales, but people from wealthy country should invest more in poorer countries so no one can complain about economic migration.

Sounds like a busy life you have.
I think (ex) president Pepe was the only unselfish president in history.

How come Charlie is your favorite?

Sweet dreams.

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I am a WHALE fan! I want all that WHALE dogs

interesting post,
thank you for sharing the life of a whale, I hope you do more exercises so that you enjoy a lot more time, I see you a little overweight.

Does Elisabeth get rid of athletes foot?

i like this type of lifestyle ,i personaly want same for me !!!!!!!

A wonderful Steem-Whale life... :D

Interesante recorrido de una vida con propósitos. Saludos.

Hi, @fyrstikken. Excellent. There we go and we must have a vision similar to yours.

Awesome "Steem Whale Life", man. Congrats for ALL that you do. 😁👍👏

What could be the life of s Steem Whale when it hits the next bull run? I never thought that a whale could be this accommodating and helpful to minnow level community. Thanks for sharing your day.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all the latest news on the Steem blockchain.

Providing value for the community and spreading the benefits of crypto. Interesting glimpse of a whale's life.

Great life and thinking my friend, you inspire me, I appreciate it

We try every day to help the poor in the country with only a 10th of what you have my friend. It is indeed very good to help others and I commend you for this!

These dogs are lucky to have you. Beautiful pictures.

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I hope to be a Steem Whale like you someday
Meanwhile, this caught my attention

The KIDS are the programmers of TOMORROW, and in my districts, there are rewards for the children who learn English and programming, $1000 prizes to the kid and $1000 to his parents when they succeed, currently, I have 3 contestants, Maria, Carlos and Macarena,

Does this opportunity avail itself to Africans too?

Top notch. Thanks for giving a glimpse. Hope there's a "This is how a STEEM-WHALE parties" post sometime.


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Well, I hereby invite you to Lima, Peru 1-5th of December for @SteemFiesta - come and party with us :) I hope you can come :)

I'm no whale but I am a military veteran with the income to help boost me to that point. You have inspired my to print t shirts.

Im definitely sharing my life as a minnow

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hola excelente dame tu voto

You are dog lovers nice your a great man give a job of other people your the gift from heaven

Congratulations for your happy life, I am Venezuelan and I can assure you that many have left Steemit for no longer being productive to survive the crisis in which we live.
Those of us who continue to participate, we only do it out of passion and because we like to write a few times, but most have abandoned their accounts because they no longer support the dictatorship.


You can join right now for only 1 STEEM, just to try it out. When you see how great it is to receive a daily upvote automatically you can buy more to increase your upvote and your percentage of the yearly pool share. You got GMB’s?

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred

ur lucky

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Lucky bastard!!
Shoot me over some steem mate 🤣

You are my idol Sir!, Wish I can be like you living the life that you like.

can you give us some advice to become stronger?

woow so sweet and Beautiful dogs!
hope the next bull run will transform more Steemians into whales.lovlly post. Is this real or satire? Either way, kudos

Ayudame, soy un venezolano probando suerte en Steemit.

Wowsers... what an adventure in the day of your schedules..... dogs, presidents, and naps.... AND charities inbetween! Awesome!

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Good brother Cleaners I congratulate you for your work d him the opportunity for other people to undertake their sue Ñ OS yo pa of our from Venezuela is currently Pol of S is going through a crisis and terrible hyperinflation we come every day with the prices of the Things especially the food friend a worker's salary do not formulate anything almost four dollars is crazy. I am a brother cleaners in economic troubles I do not feel sorry to ask for a collaboration or mica is worse to become a criminal or a swindler by Desesperaci today I turn to you brother of this wonderful so red if you could tender me a hand with a few cents or r Egar The voice of someone can collaborate for this noble cause I do it for my small Ñ a three of a ñ you one for the family does everything really almost sold so many things to subsist is really easy and sad I also want to grow here with You brothers cleaners son an excellent family on the Internet are really grateful if the offended in any way to do this I extend my sincere apologies thank you for allowing me to be part of this group so spectacular. I would like to have more participation Vote no more and responder comment but I'm so limited resources is dif CIL

buenas hermano steemer te felicito por tu labor dándole la oportunidad a otras personas de emprender sus sueños yo soy de Venezuela actualmente nuestro país atraviesa una crisis política terrible y la hiperinflacion nos come cada día con los precios de las cosas sobre todo la comida amigo un salario de trabajador no representa nada casi cuatro dolares es una locura. soy un hermano steemer en apuros económicos no me da pena pedir una colaboración económica es peor volverse un delincuente o un estafador por desesperación hoy recurro a ti hermano de esta red tan maravillosa si tu me pudieras tender una mano con algunos centavos o regar la voz de alguien que pueda colaborar por esta noble causa lo hago por mi pequeña de tres años uno por la familia lo hace todo de verdad casi he vendido tantas cosas para subsistir de verdad es difícil y triste yo también quiero crecer aquí con uds hermanos steemer son una excelente familia por Internet se los agradecería de verdad si los ofendo de alguna manera por hacer esto le extiendo mis mas sinceras disculpas gracias por permitirme ser parte de este grupo tan espectacular.quisiera tener mas participación votar mas y responder opinar pero estoy tan limitado de recursos que es difícil

Oh to be a whale
I wouldn't mind some feet massages too :D

It's nice that the kids get to work towards something and then win something on top of that... sounds like a real win win ;)

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Alright ... I laugh to read the post of a great whale like you, you are like a king who is able to get what you want with your status as a pope..

You are really great and can use your money to buy and pay for whatever you want, including paying a masseur, hopefully you are interested in recruiting me to be your dishwasher

I hope to continue swimming in the Steem sea as a small fish and then get nutritious food that can make my body swollen into a whale and then be like you ...😂

Cool dude! Really wish I had a tad bit more steem :) I am aiming for 500 right now!

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