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in steem-wallpaper •  3 years ago  (edited)

In addition to my previous post i wanted to add a few new images to the wallpaper series. Let me know what you guys think.

edit: If you wish to use these images in your posts, please give this post an upvote and paste: Image by @stino-san in your post.

#steem-art #steemit-art #steem-branding #steem-wallpaper

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Damn! I love these!!!!! Did you use blender? Or something else! Can I work with these and add some stuff to them like miniature people?

Thank you @stellabelle ! I used cinema 4d for these images but blender is an amazing piece of software. As for you question, if you want to use my images in a post you can as long as you upvote and reference a link to the original post. Which brings me to the question, should Steemit feature collaborative posting?

ok I added the link to the ones I made last night.
sorry, I just saw this now.....but your link is now in there.
Do you want to colloborate on something? I really think you're very talented!

These are really cool!