We Return to the Night

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The darkness returns to enfold us in it's cooling embrace once again. Well, it is that time again........I'm back on night shift for the next 4 months. It takes a few weeks for my aging body to adjust to the new sleep patterns, but all in all there are much more interesting people roaming the night streets and I tend to sleep longer once my body adjusts.


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The older I get the more difficult it becomes to rotate from day shift to night shift. Especially since we work 12 hour shifts. Twelve hours at night at my age can seem like an eternity...lol. But, I feel very fortunate to blessed with an interesting job that allows me to help people from time to time.

Hopefully, the next four months will allow me to bump into so interesting night dwellers I can introduce you all to! I hope all of you have an amazing night and great weekend. I will be working all weekend so maybe I can gather some material for a good story or two, you just never know what the night may hold for you!


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Hope you adjust quickly my friend and I remember you had posted some night characters before and that was great reading. Very much hope you can gather some more cool night character stories to share.

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I hope so too. I really really have a special place in my heart for those who roam the night. I guess it's because that was me prior to being a cop.

good luck adjusting into Apart from a brief spell of 3 Months I have always worked day shift, and i know I struggled for the three months but that was rotating shifts , one week Days one week evening and one week nights , I was totally out of synch for the whole time and still to this day have no idea what was in the minds of management to try it I think we were all zombies for most of the time

The fist agency I worked for over 20 years ago made you change every week and I did that for two years. It was the toughest, longest two years of my career!

OMG I could never have handled it for that long, your a better man than me

Bring on the night-creature post my brother! I'm sure there'll be some good ones knowing you.

I'm a bit of a night creature myself...Well, until bed time I guess. Need my sleep these days...But before...Well, I'd be up until at least 9pm! 😎😂

I hope you're well mate. Much respect to you and your bros and bro-ettes for keeping the sheeple safe and sound. #thinblueline

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Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the blue line reference! The night creatures are my favorite part of night shift and almost make it worth it! lol

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Howdy sir papacrusher! Mrs. J can relate, they put her on nights, some schedule as yours. How do you work that on your days off? She tried to keep the same schedule but couldn't stay awake at night!

Howdy sir papacrusher! Mrs. J can relate, they put her on nights, some schedule as yours. How do you work that on your days off? She tried to keep the same schedule but couldn't stay awake at night!

It really all depends on what I have planned on my off days. During the week, I usually keep the same schedule and stay up most of the night. On the weekends I modify it so I can get up Sunday morning for church.

Either way it is pretty tough on the body, mind, and spirit! lol

Thank you sir papacrusher for getting back to me so fast, I take it you're off tonight? Dang, I was hoping that you were going to say that your body is used to that schedule and it adapts immediately! lol. I know, it's a brutal shift. I doubt if we ever get used to it totally, we just learn how to cope with it and the fatigue.

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