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RE: I May Need an Intervention!

in #steem-ua5 years ago

Hmm, yup you're an addict for sure. 🙂

Actually, I think I'm a non-gaming-addict. Yes, it's a thing! I actually have no interest in gaming at all. Still, I understand that you find it relaxing.

I once played Killzone I til my eyes were square, this was about 20 years ago I guess...Spent 2 weeks completing the game and I don't think I've gamed since. But...I didn't know there was a game about dinosaur's! Sounds legit. 😉

Hope all is well you way mate.

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I was the same way until about 10 years ago when a coworker got me to play modern warfare. When I realized I could kill people I know and work with, well sign me up! It was all downhill from there! Lol

kill people I know and work with...

Haha, this gave me a chuckle... Considering your job. ✅

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