Steem-UA: revision of my vision

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Let me start of by saying that the idea of a new ranking system to replace the old one was needed (that is, if we need a ranking system at all but that is another topic)

But that was where my thoughts stayed. I did not think any further on the consequences of this setup.

@steem-ua basically is trying to devise a fair way of scoring people for their engagement on the Steem blockchain. That was it for me.
And that was enough to delegate a 100 SP to them to support them with the product and hopefully the further development. What I forgot in this whole thing was that they also use the delegated sum to upvote people to incentivise this engagement.

Now I would really encourage everyone to read the following post. Especially if you are not delegating anything to them yet. And if you do not follow him yet. @tarazkp is a very prolific writer but all his blogs are well written and thought out.

This system will basically allow rewards for people that make decent content. It does not have to be Shakespeare but it has to be normal decent content.

Looking at myself as an example:

My blogs are ok but they will not rock the literary world. The topics are about what is going on in my life and in the crypto scene here in Switzerland.


But it is original content and I do get interactions and support from people that follow me or just stop by.

One of the main things for me is that I actually enjoy writing them and thinking about what and how to say things. It keeps me engaged here on the platform but also keeps my brain active and creative.

But back to the Steem-ua system.

I get 0.41 SP upvotes from them, If you take out the curation that is 0.3 and that on 4 posts per week is 1.2 steem per week.
With me delegating only 100 that would bring my ROI to 62.4% per year.

Now that is amazing and fantastic but this is not really what is super important for me. (I like good returns but I also like giving to the community in a way that is fair as well)

I have decided to augment my delegation to 300.

So since I usually do not write 7 articles per week on this account any more that will already put some more of my delegation to use and the 50 extra is to follow with my smaller account into bigger footsteps.

That is kind of what it feels like to me:

Paying it forward.

So if you have a small account and are around 50SP then it starts making sense to delegate the first 25 to this project, its fair and will even give you a nice return and support you making it to minnow.

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I think really it is a good project...It deserves to be tested and supported, at least they try to do something coherent for keeping people in the steem and promoting the engagement.


yes, hence the deserved support they are receiving from the whole community. and I would say its just the start, they will grow a lot more. now its just to reach the new accounts in a more efficient manner

Your thinking and strategy of paying it forward this way is commendable. I had originally delegated 50SP last week but just upped it to 250 today; with the same thinking.

I've always been a pay it forward person and UA is right up the same alley to boost smaller accounts who present quality content.


cool, that is the way to go... through our small contributions we help create the middle class this platform really needs

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