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RE: I will give 1 Steem Dollar to all that follow me and reblog this post in the next 24 hours!

in #steem-stats5 years ago

resteemed, followed and upvoted

but don't feel bad if you don't get a lot of success; I've held 3 writing contests offering 6-10 Steem apiece and had 1 entrant across all 3


Thank you. It looks like you have some damage control from your Twitter promotion.

Advice on this: don't argue with the folks who are complaining about that. Stop any activity that they are asking you to stop, and apologize to them if you have continued past a stop request.

You can still protect your Steemit rep, but you can't do it by being confrontational.

Make sure you do a followup post on this experiment - what you did, how many followers you got (and kept), how you promoted using other social media, and the problems you encountered.

Good luck!

Thanks I appreciate that! And you right I didn't handle the response as well as I could of :( got a little frustrated :(

I've spent about 20 years jumping on people via the net, sometimes pissed off and unjustified when I did it.

Trust me Jacob, I've been in your shoes, and I'm glad to help!

me? Good g*d no! Those guys are professional liars. But most of our web confrontations come about because people get their back up and don't take the time to think about why the other person is pissed. ( well so are our personal fights, but there are other communications signals to look at in those).

I try to get folks to see that w/o accusing them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont.

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