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Progress Update on Steem-Staking.

We continue to provide earnings to our delegators larger then their delegations would provide. Our staking cooperative has four times the Steem Power of our largest delegator and 28 times the Steem Power of our smallest one. Since curation the amount of curation is directly related to your size, those with the most SteemPower earn the most. We also focus on content producers with high rewards.

Weekly Earnings Week Two
Earnings were 4.51 SteemPower
These will be distributed according to stake-weight.

The second week earnings are down,we lost an investor of 1000 SteemPower.

We have been joined by another investor which replaces and exceeds the SteemPower we lost.

Changes to Enhance Revenue:
We have gone to auto votes via Steemauto

We feel the auto voter change and new investor will raise our earnings moving forward.

Future Plans
We are in talks with another delegated staking group about merging to increase our stake, thus our strength and rewards.
We are in talks with one of the investors to donate Steem to hire a Steemians to promote our business.

Earnings Distribution

This simple formula is used to calculate your share of earnings.:

Your steempower delegation divided by total steempower delegation, times your number of dayss of delegation/seven, times the total earnings for the week.

Member A has contributed 100 steel power to the pool pf 1000 steel power and member A has been staking 5 days.
Curation rewards for that seven day period are 100 steel power .
Member A share equals (100/1000) time (5/7) times 100 steempower.
Member A share equals (0.1) x (0.71428571) x (100) = 7,14285714

Status Report on Delegations:

Delegator Amount Vesting Shares Delegation Time
american-english. 800.868 SP 1.553 MVests 2020-07-25, 19:46
banking-finance49 25.027 SP 0.049 MVests 2020-07-25, 17:28
flowerspictures53 100.109 SP 0.194 MVests 2020-07-25, 17:32
lalai63 100.106 SP 0.194 MVests 2020-07-26, 02:08
nutrition.org48 50.055 SP 0.097 MVests 2020-07-25, 17:43
shortsegments76 1,000.459 SP 1.940 MVests 2020-08-01, 22:31
shortshots60 500.428 SP 0.970 MVests 2020-07-29, 21:24
smallbites55 250.225 SP 0.485 MVests 2020-07-29, 21:25

Its 2nd Distribution day for our project
Curation Earnings 4.51 SP
Total delegated SP 1857

% of delegated SP. delegation. Percentage Amount of curation earned

american-english51 800.868 SP. 800/2827= 28.29%= 1.27 SP
banking-finance49 25.027 SP. 25/2827= 0.8%= O.036 SP
flowerspictures53 100.109 SP 100/2827= 3.53%=0159 SP
lalai63 100.106 SP 100/2827 = 3.53% = 0.035 SP
nutrition.org48 50.055 SP. 50/2827= 1.77% = 0.079 SP
shortsegments76 1,000.459 SP 1000/2827= 35.37% = 1.59 SP
shortshots60 500.428 SP 500/2827= 17.69% = 0.80 SP
smallbites55 250.225 SP 250/2827= 8.84% = 0.40 SP

Congratulations to Our Stakers, your rewards will go out today!!

We have delegated the 4.5 SteemPower to @shortsegments,
Then @shortsegments will send us 4.5 liquid Steem, which we will distribute to our delegators

Delegators Earnings paid




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