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Different people are promoting Steemit by different ways, for example, by conducting seminars, delivering lectures about it, by selling Steemit-related t-shirts or other items, or by organizing promotional events, like football match etc and thus introducing Steemit to people. Hundreds of people are joining Steemit daily. However, lots of accounts with lower reputation score have been inactive for months. One possible reason could be that people are not motivated to post or curate regularly because they are not getting rewards, or they don’t have the knowledge about how to earn here.

I will try to promote Steemit by posting contests (funtests) and rewarding the winners/ participants because in my opinion, this is one effective fun way to promote Steemit. My funtests will be engaging which will raise the interest of the participants / new users in Steemit. The new ‘bees’ will not only get fun but also an opportunity to express their skills and to learn about Steemit while earning at the same time.

I will reward the winners /participants by the following ways: 

  1. Rewarding with SBD
  2. Upvoting the comments
  3. Delegating 100 SP every month to 1 active participant for 3 weeks (This amount and/or the number of delegatees may increase in future)

You will be eligible for this delegation if you are an active participant of my contests, irrespective of whether you win or lose the contests. Every month, 1 active participant will be selected and 100 SP will be delegated to them for 3 weeks. Preference will be given to those with lower than 500 SP.

The reason why I plan to conduct these contests and to reward users is because as a minnow it takes lot of time to grow on Steemit, and especially, when users do not receive rewards, it discourages them to stay here. I want to play my role to add value to the blockchain and to motivate users to stay in Steemit. New users will also be convinced to join when they are invited by ‘happy’ Steemians. Like any project on Steemit, the funtests will enable everyone to connect with each other, support, inspire and uplift each other. 

I will start posting the funtests from Saturday, 17th March, 2018

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  • To have basic income, join Mannabase You will get free coins every week.

If you have any question about these three earning opportunities, or have a question in general, you can get in touch on discord (Username: MonaJam#4658) or leave your comment in the comments section.

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Nice one Mona (missed you), can I join the competition too :)


Yes, of course, you can join. It's for everyone.
..and I missed you too; I was thinking to send you a message on discord for the last few days; We will chat soon

Nice I too will join 😋

This is so awesome of you @monajam. This will surely encourage fellow minnows out there. It's easy to get discouraged when you put your best work forward and get no recognition. This is definitely a step in the right direction. I am definitely gonna take part and I can't wait for the first contest on Saturday. I'm yet to join Kryptonia and Mannabase. Going there right now.

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Great idea. Good luck to everybody who enters in.