steemticker-osx (A simple STEEM price ticker for OSX toolbar) - version 1.2 released (change log)

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I have made some significant updates to my python3-built OSX toolbar app: steemticker-osx. I have added a portfolio feature so users can input their STEEM balance and track its price.

Here is the new look of the menu:

(note: "Show Portfolio" is ineffective until the portfolio has been setup.)

Setting up the portfolio feature is very simple:

Step 1: Click "Portfolio Setup"

You will be greeted by this window. Input the amount of STEEM you own (integers and floats are both acceptable entries, just don't input any letters or symbols besides a decimal point), and click ok.

Step 2: Click "Show Portfolio"

It's as simple as that! Your portfolio value will now be sitting in your toolbar and will update by itself!

In version 1.3, I plan to add other currency pairs to the price ticker. That's it for now!

I hope that this project is useful to you. I am completely open to pull requests if anyone wants to contribute.

If you find this useful or helpful to you, please apply an upvote so all of the steemit community can see and use this project! I don't have a huge following on steemit, so I need your help with spreading this project to all who can be helped by it.

This project was created using python3 and it is licensed under the MIT License.

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One quick thing, if anyone has any suggestions, please reply to this comment with your ideas! I'm looking for new features to include in the next version of the app. deserve upvote and resteem...